Celebrate Serpent Day With One Of These Items

Serpent Day, bags, cause and yvette

In celebration of today’s Serpent Day, you can’t help but notice, the “big snake in the room” can you? From the corner of your eye, it hisses at you to take a look. And why you ask? Well, you keep seeing snake print or snakeskin continue to slither its way into seasons, back-to-back. Then again, there’s […]

Ladies, Accessorize To Terrorize With These Ten Rings For Your Summer Nights Out

With Summer already cozying its way into our hearts, that means one thing for us ladies – wearing more skin baring looks or plainly less clothing, out to clubs, festivals + or the many wonderful warehouse or rooftop locations throughout Brooklyn. And unless you’ve been living under a rock during the past few months, I’m […]

Pamela Love’s Heart Is Set To Go Wild When She Hooks Up With Zadig et Voltaire

(photo: Courtesy Photo) There’s never been such a perfect match like the one between cool French contemporary label Zadig et Voltaire + American jewelry designer Pamela Love.  The jewelry collaboration collection called ‘Wild Heart’ will consist of 6 pieces in various metals including antique silver, antique brass or gold plate and range in price from $210 to […]

My LOVE For Fashion Goes Skin Deep, Literally!

Throughout all that was brewing around last week’s NYFW, one of the many things that stood out to me as truly cool and unique was jewelry designer Pamela Love‘s Pop-up Tattoo Parlor over at MilkMade’s Digital Bar, part of the MADE Fashion Week Weekend for her Spring 2013 collection – talk about presentation! (photo: Pamela […]