Getting Personal With Bowie Behind The Lens

As I write this, I still can’t believe a genius such as David Bowie is gone, but he must have known the end was near as his actions + art seemed perfectly masterminded including the ‘Lazarus’ track, from ‘Blackstar’, his last released album. In fact, the lyrics to ‘Lazarus’ start: ‘Look up here, I’m in […]

Open Call For Photographers To Join GUILD

FotoVisura is pleased to announce an open call to join GUILD, an invitation-only annual membership for photographers, editors, curators, + organizations to connect, share work, + share news in the digital realm. As a photographer, your GUILD membership includes a hosted website with access to an exclusive networking platform + resources to further your work + career.  With access to this […]

Photographer Jefferson Hayman Really Knows How To Capture Dreams

Balloon (Still Life Series) When I first came across Jefferson Haymon’s work, I had to stop to really take hold of the moments captured by this guy.  His sense of wit along with the ability to create questions with visuals, makes his artwork special + unique. Take his ‘East River – Hudson River’ picture below, […]

Different Realities Through The Lens Of Corrina Sauer

As demonstrated by her pictures, German photographer Corinna Sauer knows how to capture not only different realities but create them.  Mostly interested in different realities within society + in a personal photographic approach towards her subjects, Sauer manages to capture them with great dramatic effect by obscuring their perimeter in black negative space.   (via FRESHLAND)

Artist + photographer Andres Serrano has been known for creating works of provocation, including using bodily fluids in them.  One notable controversial + scandalous work was the artist’s 1987 ‘Piss Christ’.  Not only was ‘Piss Christ’ a photograph of a plastic crucifix submerged in a glass container of Serrano’s own urine, it received government funding which ignited a national […]

Happy Birthday Nan Goldin!

Today is the birthday of one of America’s most genius + fearless photographers – Nan Goldin.  Goldin usually tackled love, gender, domesticity + sexuality, usually shot with available light (light source not supplied by photographer).  A lot of her pics (above) seemed like candid shots of the subject’s experiences, not made public to anyone else, not even […]