Metamorphosis Inspires The ‘Chimaera’ Collection For Spring

For her SS/13 collection called ‘Chimaera’, it’s very obvious designer Leyre Valiente found inspiration in the different stages of metamorphosis, realized through animal anatomy + the human skeletal structure (above) depicted in some of the pieces. Thread was sewn underneath fabric to make it look like tendons or veins on the human body. Others had panels that looked like those found on […]

The Elizabeth Jewelry Collection Gets Ruff For SS/13

London’s own jewelry designer Michelle Lowe-Holder, for her ‘Elizabeth’ SS/13 collection, Queen Elizabeth + British heritage were guilty forher inspiration.  By modernizing the mid-sixteenth to mid-seventeenth ruff – worn on the drawstring collar or chemise (below) –  (painting: Michiele Janz van Miereveld) with a little edge, using more tactile natural materials such as wire + […]

Peacocking With Flair By Mich Dulce

How adorably clever are these hats from the SS/13 hat collection by Filipino fashion designer + milliner, Mich Dulce?!  Using natural materials + working with indigenous tribal artisans, in the Philipines, you have to love her interpretation of petals, her own spin on bow placement + size, + her ability to make fascinator silhouettes less […]

Check Out Ohema Ohene SS/13 Menswear Collection

Aren’t these pieces just fabulous?  A lover of African textiles myself, Ohema Ohene (pronouced ‘Oh-he-maa Oh-he-nee’)uses them in a way that gives them that hint of surprise, especially for their SS/13 Menswear collection (above + below). Based in London. Ohema Ohene (referencing the designer’s Ghanian heritage) was created in 2008 by designer Abenaa Pokuaa and it’s described as ‘African […]

Gold Confetti Earrings To Graze Your Shoulders ‘Just So’

(photo: Ca&Lou) For SS/13  Thanks to the creative minds of Ca&Lou designers Carolina Neri and Bérangère Lux, you’ll  be able to accessorize your Spring looks with these chandelier earrings made of 24k gold plated copper strips called ‘Alexandra’.  Part of a collection with pieces that represent favorite Italian + British designers including ‘Camilla’, ‘Carine’ + ‘Lea’, […]