Oscar de la Renta Dies At 82, After Long Battle With Cancer

Still in disbelief, iconic fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, lost his long battle with cancer yesterday at 82.  From dressing first ladies to most recently, George Clooney’s bride Amal Alamuddin, the end to such an impressive if not enviable long career of this Dominican born designer most likely sent shockwaves throughout  the fashion community, as […]

Let’s Commemorate Bastille Day With That Other French Revolution Won By The Americans – ‘Versailles ’73’

This Sunday, marks the anniversary of Bastille Day, the day citizens victoriously stormed the Paris Bastille in 1789, at the outset of the French Revolution + what better way to commemorate this revolution than remembering another kind of French revolution.  This one however, took place in Versailles 1973 + it was the American fashion designers that victoriously stormed […]