JR & José Parlá: Wrinkles of the City on Nowness.com Wake up + take a trip to Havana, Cuba with longtime collaborators José Parlá + JR in film short, ‘Wrinkles In Time’.   Commissioned by the 2012 Havana Biennale, it’s part of a global series of public art installations + expressionistic murals centered around enigmatic portraits of the residents in each metropolis, […]

‘GIF-iti’ By Insa Might Make You Dizzy

When offline meets online like this, who would expect such genius? After collecting images of his graffiti artwork from around the world, designer INSA animated them as GIFs + calling the series ‘GIF-iti’.  The series is comprised of graffiti wall murals that are each hand painted + photographed in sequences of 8 frames.  Sounds easy, right?  Some of […]

Love These Tanaka Paper Toys For Karl Lagerfeld

Last night, at Karl Lagerfeld‘s flagship boutique on Paris’ Left Bank, the designer unveiled 20 paper toys by Japanese paper artist, Shin Tanaka.  Hybrids between origami + street art, Tanaka’s paper creations included an identical replica of Karl, down to those signature oversized shades on him + on Choupette, his white kitty.  Check out T-Boy below, the […]