Buy Your Tickets Now-A Shaded View Of Fashion Film Is Coming To New York

Mark your calendars + be sure not to miss the U.S. premiere of ASVOFF (A Shaded View Of Fashion Film) on March 14 + 15.  Founded + headed by the iconic Paris-based fashion journalist + blogger Diane Pernet (check out Diane’s blog, seen here in her signature towering black chiffon veil + black shades, (photo: Hassan […]

Check out the Co Spring 2013 collection starring alongside Marisa Tomei + Elodie Bouchez as a lesbian couple in fashion film ‘She Said, She Said’.  Directed by Stuart Blumberg, watch as the couple, on the brink of divorce, tries to divide their possessions through mediation.  At times, you too want to say ‘Ha!’ (take that!), and […]