15 Pink Pieces Perfect For Spring

Pink 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, cause and yvette

Pink is one of Spring’s trends you can embrace especially with so many variations of this color. But really, when ISN’T pink a trend during this season?! Either way, whether going ‘full on’ pink, from head-to-toe or just adding a hint here + there, just do it! But if you don’t know where to begin, here […]

Ten Lit Velvet Picks For Fall

Nothing beats the tactile yumminess of feeling soft velvet between your fingers. With a texture close to that of baby soft skin, even when crushed, its appearance could either have a metallic sheen if not a matte one. Luckily, you don’t need to rely on just wearing a dress or pants in this coveted textile […]

Gucci’s Glamorous Excess Dazzles For Spring

When you quickly glance at Gucci’s Spring collection, you catch glimpses of different points in history while all making sense. With excess being synonymous with glamour, especially that of the Seventies, Gucci managed to feature a lot of the obvious kind but then drop subversive hints of other which included something as sweet as embroidered […]

WANTED: ‘Blue Eye Spy Sunglasses’ By Linda Farrow + Yazbukey

If Linda Farrow, a master when it comes to sunglasses + Yazbukey, who adds her incredible wit to her accessories, were to collaborate, I am certain the end result would be anything but great + these sunglasses are proof! These ‘Blue Eye Spy’ sunnies, with their cartoon-inspired eye shape sunglasses in multi-colored acetate with grey […]

How To Accessorize With Bugs

Check out this cool KALTBLUT magazine womenswear editorial centered around brilliant bug accessories + jewelry.  Shot by photographer Ekaterina Beliskaya featuring model Olya Anikina, each pic depicts a balance between hard + soft.  Fashions by Alexis Walsh, Bottega Veneta, Mercura NYC + H&M were used by Stylist Dylan Hogelin. Enjoy!   (via kaltblut)  

WANTED: Navy Khaki Flowerpatch Sunglasses by Karen Walker

There’s noting I love more than a great colorway like the one for these ‘Navy Khaki Flowerpatch Sunglasses’ by Karen Walker. Along with the navy + khaki color combo, on top of that, they have a cat-eye shape, which looks good on most people, with polished gold metal splitting the two colors. Then you have their navy lenses, pulling […]

Two Way Reversible Sunglasses For The Indecisive

Clever + cost efficient is what comes to mind when I think about these Two Way Reversible Sunglasses by Norwegian fashion brand HAiK + eyewear company Kaibosh.  Their collaboration gave birth to this collection of sunglasses that can be worn in two ways as demonstrated in the movie above. With their special hinge that allows the arms, technically known as temples, to […]