Liven Up Your Afternoon With ‘Ballroom Battle’ For #TBT

For #ThrowbackThursday, I was thinking, ‘What film can visually express how everyone is feeling on the inside, knowing the weekend is hours away + yet, they’re still expected to concentrate + do work today?’  Then I found Clara Cullen’s ‘Ballroom Battle’, which perfectly captures that energy! Last year’s winner for Best Hair at the Berlin […]

For #ThrowbackThursday, here’s fashion film, ‘Hotel Skovgaard, Room 77’ by director Ali F. Mostafa featuring Danish shoe designer Camilla Skovgaard’s covetable accessories from her A/W 2012 + Resort 2013 collections.  Filmed in Dubai, you can’t help but get sucked in through the sense + feel of the film + with music by Zebra Katz x Touch, the film […]

Get lost in the alternate reality of fashion film ‘That Paradise Would Be A Meme’ by Stef Van Looveren for #ThrowbackThursday.  Showcasing male fashions by BENJI WZW, you can’t help but smile over the juxtaposition between the patterns, cuts + contemporary silhouettes of the clothes with that of the film’s virtual environment made up of lines, geometric shapes + wooden […]

For #ThrowbackThursday, here’s music video ‘Pass The Dutch’ featuring Asher Roth‘s lyrics varnished over Chuck Indian’s endless Tumblr-like scroll of party pics, animals, + psychedelia, with an old school beat.  Talk about a great mix of Roth’s seamless lyrics with random images that speak to all of social media, while going down the rabbit hole.    Enjoy! (via […]

SS/12 Collection ‘Giger’s Goddess’ For #ThrowbackThursday

For #ThrowbackThursday, with the recent death of the brilliant H. R. Giger, here’s Malgorzata Dudek‘s SS/12 collection ‘Giger’s Goddess’.  As an homage to the late genius, with his prior approval, Dudek transferred his cultural influence onto fabric.   Although a lot of Giger’s imagery can be perceived as dark + macabre, plenty of beauty still manages […]

For #ThrowbackThursday, enjoy Janelle Monae’s music video for Q.U.E.E.N. feat. Erykah Badu.  I sooo love Janelle’s looks throughout this video  + tell me she doesn’t remind you of Prince, with her moves + sometimes, her sound, like in this piece.  But what about Erykah Badu with her bad self – I don’think anyone else could’ve made […]