As a fitness aficionado, this fashion film for Nike Women with ‘technical couture’ fashion designer Pedro Lourenço presented by NOWNESS, really hit home hard!  Featuring Pedro’s first women’s performance collaboration for Nike, which includes an eight-piece collection celebrating the sensuality of having a second skin made of finely knit mesh, woven satin + at times, an embossed crocodile motif, in couture-inspired […]

Here’s a great fashion film teaser for ‘Black Current’, the first marketed + second solo collection by Phoebe Heess, shown at Berlin Fashion Alternative Week 2014.   I have mad respect for her for using the Metatron’s Cube symbol as a focal point in the film, while imagery of models wearing pieces from the collection, […]

‘Sadly By Your Side’ Has Nothing Sad About It, But What Is It?

Is it a debut album?  Is it a book?  Is it an iPhone app?  Is it an interactive video?  Well, what if I were to tell you it’s all of the above?!  (photos: Creative Applications Network) Developed for electronic musician edisonnoside by graphic designer Matteo Di lorio, ’Sadly By Your Side’, the eight-song album, book + iOS app, […]

Follow a fashionable cyborg’s stream of consciousness while she contemplates her technical enhancements in the half fashion film, half sci-fi narrative, ‘CyBelle Horizon’.  Featuring Rachael Reichert‘s 2013 fashion collection, including the ever popular Fiber Optic Corset Dress, you witness the risks involved in society’s relentless obsession with technology.  (via NJAL)