A Bag Collection To Match With This Year’s Pantone Colors

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but, pastels make great neutrals, similar to grey, black, navy + brown. And with this year’s Pantone colors being Serenity + Rose Quartz, a soft pink + a light blueish-lavender, there is no mistaking any of these bags will accessorize either color perfectly. The ‘Pack Bag Collection’ by AliK, a […]

The Best Way To Serve Leather Is Raw

When I think of raw cut leather garments associated with warriors, cavemen + ‘Mad Max’ come to mind. But for Juliana Jace, designer of Sphynx Design, this raw collection of leather pieces were inspired by the great biker icons like Marlon Brando (below).   Reflecting the battle of finding identity through style + garments faced by female youth culture, like warriors, […]

Origami Jackets By Robe Trouvè Are Sure To Make You The Center Of Attention

For Italian brand Robe Trouvè, it IS all about the jackets, but, with a twist or rather, a fold. Based on the concept of giving a new voice to second-hand garments, its central idea that connects all the inspirations is the memory with the aim of letting you find your own identity in garments that didn’t belong to Robe Trouvè. Inspired […]

Unique Haute Couture Eyewear

  Getting back to the basics of traditional Italian haute couture, Sandro Gonnella devised an original approach to eyewear with Ozona®.  Combining innovation with tradition, where haute couture is applied to eyewear combined with state-of-the-art technologies, Gonnella has created beautiful pieces, at times considered to be wearable sculptures.  Made of what appears to be several layers, until the desired design […]

Almost Casual Collection Is Far From Casual

Red Beard’s brand design principle is based on creating ready-to-wear clothing that follows a changing world + generations focusing on their aims + needs. From this the tagline ‘Almost Casual’ was born, but the collection is anything but. They see a generation who are free-thinkers, unique + courageous, so they encourage people to be casual in a […]

Three Leather Bags Perfect For Channeling That Seventies Vibe

SNEHA VARMA, the latest WOWCRACY project, is a Canadian handbag brand, for the accessible luxury market, that introduces a playful yet mysterious aesthetic; an expression inspired by what they believe to be innate qualities of a woman. But the real prize here is how easily you’ll be able to channel that Seventies vibe, that will be […]

How To Wear The Cage Of A Champagne’s Cork

Inspired by the cage of the Champagne’s cork, jewelry designer Isla Fontaine’s ‘Cage Ring’ is sure to spark up conversation wherever you go.  As Fontaine’s first fine jewelry piece, you can’t help but be in awe of the look of this ring. Handcrafted by Italian goldsmiths, this beautiful ring features a stunning amethyst stone within a gold […]

KOSLAK Mixes Old Craftsmanship With Modern + Edgy Design For PROJECT: ZSHI’ (4) THE CRAFT OF MY ANCESTORS

PROJECT: ZSHI’ (4) THE CRAFT OF MY ANCESTORS by KOSLAK, combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design + edgy fashion, to create unique wooden pieces that not only talk about the people from the Ladakh region, but also about their hopes + their Buddhist beliefs.  Utilizing the special skills from the local Ladakh craftsmen + using traditional Buddhist motifs […]