Tanks Worthy Of Keeping Around All Year Round

(photo: Cadenza Music)

Courtesy Of The Vagabundos Over At Cadenza Music

When many say, ‘It’s all about the details or It’s all in the details,’ these tanks definitely make the cut.  Brought to you by Cadenza boss, Swiss Chilean DJ Luciano + his crew of deejays known as the Vagabundos (Spanish for vagabond), under Cadenza music, which calls Ibiza, Spain home,  these tanks were meant to scream, ‘I want more beats + sweat’ or ‘Layer me under many of Fall’s upcoming fashions.’  Now, with summer almost bidding us adieu, you’re thinking, ‘Why would I care for a tank top with the temperature dropping so soon?’  Yet, you wouldn’t care to add either of these to your style arsenal for a couple of reasons.

Take this women’s tank called ‘Estrella Woman’ – With the words ‘Soy Como Soy’ ( Spanish for ‘Am What I Am’) emblazoned across the front, in what looks like a handwritten font, you notice the garter details, peering from below the tank.  

(photo: Cadenza Music)

Alone or even under a jacket, this tank is worthy of any night out.  You might even want to pair it with an opulent if not, printed ensemble, to tone things down a bit…but really, who cares to ever do that!?

Now with this men’s tank below, called the ‘Helvio Men’, dudes can fake suspenders with the magic of tromp l’oeil and not weigh themselves down with the burden of unfastening their suspenders every time they seek comfort.

(photo: Cadenza Music)

Hey ladies, now don’t despair with the tank above being for men.  Remember, European cuts are usually a lot smaller than American mens sizes – so don’t be afraid to try one on for size.  Better yet, imagine pairing them with sweat caused by techno drenched beats or deep, dark, hard house music?  Electric Zoo anyone?

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