Tee Up For Charity With Matches’ Designer T-Shirt Collection

With the world being all abuzz about London with the Olympics and all, Matches, the luxe online retailer, celebrates London 2012 a little differently.  Matches has enlisted the help of several top Brit designers including Mary Katrantzou and Roksanda Illnicic, to create this limited edition tee shirt collection, granting everyone the joy of adding a dash of designer to their arsenal of everyday looks.

(photo: Matches)

And guys, don’t worry, Matches doesn’t ignore you completely, offering you at least three of the several tee designs available, as seen below.

(photo: Matches)

Love Roksanda’s cute little top below which takes the tee design to another level.

(photo: Matches)

The only one in the collection to use color blocking, a bit of flair is added to the waist by adding a slightly loose peplum making this tee less than ordinary.

Now, you may think, ‘Mary Katrantzou for just £60 each – That’s It? ’ as being the best part of this collection, but in fact, there’s a bit more to it – All of the sale proceeds go to The Dispossessed Fund, a charity for battling poverty in London.

Available online and at all Matches locations.


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