The Best Way To Serve Leather Is Raw


When I think of raw cut leather garments associated with warriors, cavemen + ‘Mad Max’ come to mind. But for Juliana Jace, designer of Sphynx Design, this raw collection of leather pieces were inspired by the great biker icons like Marlon Brando (below).



Reflecting the battle of finding identity through style + garments faced by female youth culture, like warriors, the way Jace tells it, these chicks chose leather clothes to be their armour like this ‘Miss Brando Jacket‘.


This leather jacket, with its black raw cut sleeves, has two different colored attached flaps of leather, while keeping the body all black. And the way the sleeves are cut, giving them a cape effect, three quarters down from the mid-forearm, allows for the jacket to have great movement (see video below). The body of the jacket is the only part that’s lined. But best of all, there’s only one jacket like this in the world, sure to make any admirers jealous.

Another jacket in this collection sure to incite more jealousy, as it too is the only one in existence, is this ‘High Speed Jacket‘.


Although similar to the ‘Brando Jacket’, this jacket is all grey + the sleeves are a bit different. This jacket’s sleeves are a lot more exaggerated + longer, making it appear as if you’re really wearing a short cape in the back.

The final raw leather piece in this collection is the ‘Girl Gang Skirt‘.


This unique asymmetric leather mini skirt, successfully uses color blocking, giving it more depth.  I love that longer piece following its frontal zipper closure + the one on its left side, which can be better seen in the pic above, paired with the ‘Miss Brando Jacket’. This skirt is fully lined in polyester fabric.

But to see the effective use of the cuts + silhouettes of these pieces, you need to see them in motion in the video below.

Now raw cut leather, at first glance, might appear as something easy to do but it takes great skill to pull off, as designer Juliana Jace has done here. No wonder she was listed as one of the ten best 2014 graduate fashion designers from SENAC (ESMOD São Paulo).

With these bad ass pieces, you’ll be sure to serve to sex appeal + attitude deliciously raw.  For more on Sphynx Design, go to Wowcracy.

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