The ‘Shiva Vase’ Has A Golden Moment Not To Be Missed



How gorgeous is this ceramic ‘Shiva Vase’, shaped like hmmm, I don’t know, an erect penis?  If you didn’t guess that then you really need to get out more.  The 23-centimetre-tall pink-glazed ceramic vase (below) was originally designed in 1973 by the iconic Ettore Sottsass for the BD Barcelona company, with an opening in the top for displaying flowers + balanced by two low rounded elements on either side


Two years before Sottsass’ death in 2005, a prototype version of the vase was created with a gold finish as a reward for an international student design competition which sparked this golden opportunity.  Sadly, only 50 numbered limited copies will be made.

Although BD Barcelona company’s general manager Jordi Arnau told dezeen ‘the only explanation that our partners + founders give (laughing) is that at that time he was really in love with a girlfriend in Barcelona that he visited frequently’ as the reason behind the shape.  However, the 1973 Shiva Vase shape was in fact named after the Hindu god responsible for the destruction of the universe to pave way for its regeneration, who is often represented by a phallic object called a lingam – following Sottsass’ visits to India + appeared in BD Barcelona’s first catalogue.  

(via dezeen)

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