This Summer, Gus Gus Wants You To Be ‘Obnoxiously Sexual’

Now that Summer is officially here, with less clothing + more skin to bare, we have no other alternative than to be ‘Obnoxiously Sexual’ like the track of the same name by dope Icelandic band Gus Gus. With lyrics like, ‘Feeling me in the car, the pressure points of paramount importance. Going way too far, testing our limit, the endless minute.  Obnoxiously sexual, who do we think we are. Come + behold it’s the fight with limits of consummates with my spirit distorted,’ + ‘Delightfully sensual, shockingly despicably beautiful. I figure its clear by now, that love is a muscle of evil suggestion,’ you have no choice but to let your inhibitions run wild in the heat + making it a Summer to remember. So, Wake up!





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