Thom Browne’s Modern Annie Hall For Pre-Fall


If Hollywood were to do a reboot of ‘Annie Hall’, Woody Allen’s iconic film, Thom Browne would be the perfect choice to dress the lead character. Annie, wore trousers with a shirt, tie + hat, or her plaid shirts, buttoned all the way, with a cardigan + khakis, which although very masculine at plain sight, it still had her own sense of femininity shining through, very much like this Thom Browne collection.


Some might liken some of the looks to having a prep boy aesthetic, like the cropped cuffed trousers, with denim patches, a bit too high for the knees, paired with a single-breasted jacket, shirt + tie. And there’s no denying how perfect a dachshund purse is with any look when preparing for Fall.

I especially love the look where there’s a midi a-line skirt with extra long exposed shirttails peeking from under, a fitted single breasted jacket + a sweet bow tie.


(photos: Cory VanderPloeg)


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