To Love Rust Is To Love These Shoes


To place your gaze on a pair of shoes by Bucharest’s own Bianca Georgescu, you can’t help but marvel at how much they look as if they’ve been compromised by time + the elements, resulting in such beauty. A lover of finding beauty in detritus, these shoes spoke to me on many levels having been inspired by the effect of ‘rust’.

Just look at Georgescu’s ‘Wolfgran Structured High Heels‘ below. With the shoe having a cream base color, which already depicts a ‘dirty’ color, featuring a unique ‘rusty’ open sculptured heel, sitting under the natural printed leather, just makes this shoe look good from any angle.



With these ‘Wolframite Laser Cut Shoes‘, made from a natural printed leather, featuring a thick sole with an upper embellished with laser-cut details, although inspired by rust, these look more like splattered paint to me.



Now to look at both the ‘Redox Shoes‘ + the ‘Arsenopyrite Shoes‘ below, you can’t help but think about Italian artist Gaetano Pesce, known for his use of resin, amongst other things. It’s as if resin + silicone were poured into a shoe mold then embellished with ‘rusty’ leather.

For me, all of these shoes are favorites.




To purchase any of the shoes shown here or for more on Bianca Georgescu, go to NOT JUST A LABEL.


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