Vessel Video For ‘Drowned In Water + Light’

Ahhhhh….nothing beats starting your day with disturbing imagery + sounds, like this sick video for ‘Drowned in Water + Light’ by the experimental Bristol producer Vessel.  Directed by Pedro Maia + taken from last year’s ‘Punish, Honey’, the video’s effect is hypnotic especially with it being brilliantly shot on Super 8 film.  Your eyes are subjected to peculiar sexual imagery, heavily underlined with industrial sounds that start off as a noise + slowly but surely, it starts creeping + growing into so much more.  The music, full of sounds being dragged around, punctuated with highs made up of brief, rising + screeching tension, to then go back to dragging, kind of reminds me of very slow, deep + sweaty sex, don’t you think?  

(A perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day Hook-up playlist, if you even care for that sort of thing.)


(via pitchfork)

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