WANTED: ‘Corset Tie Off The Shoulder Top’ By Pixie Market

wantcytWhat’s not to love about this ‘Corset Tie Off The Shoulder Top’ by Pixie Market? Besides the stripe detailing which compliments this light blue so well, you have the exaggerated cuffs with tie detail + of course, the corset in the front! What’s even better about this top, as with anything with a corset is how it would accentuate your curves, but in case you don’t have any curves, this shirt will give life to curves that are not really there thanks to the faux peplum effect created.


Now, just because it’s a corseted top, doesn’t necessarily mean you must tie it either. It could easily be worn untied for a more relaxed look, almost avant-garde, with this ‘loose’ approach. I also adore the play of flirtation here, with the shoulders, collarbone, neck + upper back so exposed.



To start turning heads with this ‘Corset Tie Off The Shoulder Top’, head over to PIXIE MARKET.

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