WANTED: Crystal Orb Ring Silver By Dreams Of Norway


Who wouldn’t want to wield this much power in one hand, when bearing Dreams Of Norway’s ‘Crystal Orb Ring’ in silver? From Dreams Of Norway’s DAWN collection,this US hand made in pure silver, with a stunning clear quartz crystal orb, is sure to be a conversation starter, no matter where you go!


The DAWN collection is inspired by the brand’s belief in a new beginning- a new birth of the sacred feminine + the strengthening of the oneness + loving spirit in all of us. According to the brand, symbolizing the very start of this new beginning- the moment after the descent into the depth of our darkness- the inbetween nothingness (in Norwegian: ‘ingentingligheten’)- + the first speck of light, or the first form.


With Pantone’s 2016 colors of Rose Quartz + Serenity, any piece of clothing, accessory or complete look containing any of these in their palette, are sure to be a ‘standout’ while wearing such a simple statement piece of jewelry.

For your very own ‘Crystal Orb Ring Silver’ by Dreams Of Noway, go to NOT JUST A LABEL.

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