WANTED: Ella Bomber Jacket-African Circle By Sabina Söderberg


If you haven’t met a huge pattern whore, then let me introduce myself!  When it comes to patterns, I’ve always loved them. No matter whether it’s because of their colorways or different shapes, they always lend interest to any look, + this ‘Ella Bomber Jacket-African Circle’ by Sabina Söderberg is no exception. With a color palette of black, white, yellow, blue, mint, hot + light pink + gray, + various geometric shapes, this jacket is a brilliant example.ebcy1

With its raglan sleeves, an open ended metal zip in the front + two big pockets on the chest, this jacket could easily go from day to night + vice versa due to its super interesting pattern + bright colors. Its collar, cuffs + waistband are black, which allow for the jacket’s colors to pop that much more.

Handmade in London + part of a collection with African influences, particularly the culture + appearance of a tribe called ‘The Wodaabe People’, is seasonless. Now for Summer, one could wear this jacket with striped pants, a cami + platform sandals, if not, tied around a slip dress, paired with Nike Cortez kicks + red lips. During colder months, I would wear this jacket as a liner peeking through a loudly patterned coat, paired with a rust or purple suede skirt + black turtleneck, or with a bright blue midi dress, adding silver leather opera length gloves worn over the jacket sleeves + funky shoes.


So if you want to add such interest to your already fabulous wardrobe, the Ella Bomber Jacket-African Circle’ by Sabina Söderberg is available at NOT JUST A LABEL.


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