WANTED: Gold The Spinx Illusion Necklace by Bjørg



I love how graphic the simplicity of this necklace is – It’s very understated but still makes a statement nonetheless.  Norwegian jewelry designer Bjørg, plays with negative space + illusions with the ‘Gold The Spinx Illusion Necklace’ from her PS15 collection.  An adjustable neck cuff, made out of hammered 18kt gold featuring a mobile mirror pendant at the centre, gets high marks for versatility.  Not only would this necklace look great with a casual look, it would also add that extra something to an evening look come Spring.  But best of all, is how you can carry this piece into Fall, by wearing it over a turtleneck to channel that Seventies vibe.

The ‘Gold The Spinx Illusion Necklace’ by Bjørg is available for purchase at Avenue32.

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