WANTED: Honor Mint Backpack


Talk about 3D florals!

The Honor Mint backpack is obviously very unique.  It’s not so much it’s shape or color but rather how it’s covered in tiny net flowers in a pale light minty blue.  At a glance, you might think you’re looking at ruffles but you’re not, as seen below-they almost look like butterflies.  With complimentary buttah soft veggie tan leather deets + an inside + outside pocket, its rose gold metal accents gives it that special touch.  And with measurements (approx.) of Length 40cm/15.75in, Tall 44cm/27.25in + Depth 19cm – 35cm/7.5 – 13.75in, it’s the perfect size for something this functional to look so pretty.


Honor Mint is available for purchase at miista.

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