WANTED: Paloma Lite Hat By Head Wear Studio



I won’t apologize for loving fur, which is a loaded statement, being an animal lover + all, but, how could you resist a hat so boss like the one above, by Head Wear Studio (HWS)? The ‘Paloma Lite Hat’ not only gives you a fun swirly, architectural feature on the back of it, but, it also has fox fur on the front!

Inspired by HWS’s love for elegant style sensuality + rebellious spirit expressed in clean lines, sophisticated style + luxurious materials, this hat is a sure guarantee to replace emotions of bitter cold with those of wanton desire to own or be wearing, a hat just like this!  This hat with equal parts Alpaca Wool + Cashmere, finished off by a fox fur visor, is simply, divine + a ‘MUST’!

Go to NOT JUST A LABEL, to get started on gathering jealousy from neighboring looks with your very own ‘Paloma Lite Hat’ by Head Wear Studio.

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