WANTED: Reebok Gradient Leather By Melody Ehsani


Here’s yet another winning collaboration between Reebok + designer Melody Ehsani, but this time, giving the Classic leather a slithering new look with an all-over black snakeskin pattern, that even covers its brick rubber outsole. Melody’s ‘Reebok Gradient Leather’ shoe becomes a punctuated graphic statement by laying the black python pattern over a pastel gradient colorway of bright azul blue, turquoise, vivid teal, lilac + pale shades of pink.

Of course, as with most of Melody’s work, there’s an inspirational message of ‘Just Be Yourself’ embroidered along the toe cap as seen below.



And besides coming with 2 different lace colors of black + print, they also come with these removable signature lace locks that can double as jewelry which I simply adore!



But you must act soon, as they’re a LIMITED release, with no chances of being restocked. With very few shoes left in various sizes, you’ll be lucky to still find a pair in your size!

‘Reebok Gradient Classic Leather’ By Melody Ehsan is available online here.

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