WANTED: T-Shirt With Smeared Lips


Wouldn’t this tee just fit right in, amongst your many other fashionable pieces? I think so. Just look at the genius of its powerful simplicity.


Of course, created by none other than Maison Margiela, this ‘Cotton T-shirt With Pocket’ takes the image of the all too famous red lips, but, smears their lipstick, begging you to ask, “Was he/she blotting their lips + suddenly, it smeared, by the pull of their lover to steal a kiss?” Yet, no matter what the reason for the smeared lips, this image certainly elevates red lips to a whole other level. And besides the design, it’s the kind of top that would compliment pretty much anything, for day or night.

Maison Margiela’s ‘Cotton T-shirt) is available for purchase here.


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