Was Your ‘First Kiss’ Like This?

Ever think about what your first kiss feels lik, when kissing someone new? Does your ‘Ex’ come to mind as if to think, “Wow, the last person I did this with was…”? What about, “The last person I did this with was that guy or girl I bumped into on my way to the restroom.” Or, do you just lose yourself in the moment, feeling his or her tongue caressing more than the tongue in your mouth? Well, imagine witnessing the first kiss by many different couples, made up of strangers, in fashion film ‘First Kiss’ by Tatia Pilieva, this year’s winner for BEST IDEA at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival, in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Styled by WREN with music by Soko, it’s funny how these ‘kissers’ try to shed any shyness + just go for it. One girl tells the other girl, ‘why don’t we just look at each other’ whereas many other couples just start talking to one another, at close proximity, wedged by giggling, moving in closer + closer.

Eventually, the couple’s engage in their first kiss. Some of the kisses start out slow + tender, but then turning very passionate whereas others just stayed the same, which makes you question, “Which kisses were more intimate?”

All I kept thinking was, “I wonder which couples are going to hook up after a kiss like that?”


(via bfff)

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