Wearable Prints That Move With Motion


A self-confessed pattern whore, when I saw Anouk van de Sande’s range of patterned garments that produce visual effects as the wearer moves, I was more than happy to share with you all.




A graduate of Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven, Anouk’s ‘Print In Motion’ collection, is comprised of five-pieces that include matching tops + trousers, catsuits, a dress + a long coat.  Each item contains multiple layers of fabric which provide the movement seen throughout.




Unlike using vibrating colors to create the illusion of movement, Anouk took it a step further telling dezeen, “I was thinking about making prints even more heavy in expression while wearing. I researched visual + theatrical effects + came out on optical illusions in prints,” + very successfully I might add, which you’ll be able to see for yourself in the fashion film below.

There’s a stripe-patterned black + white catsuit (above) – made from an elasticated material to fit the body – with an accompanying transparent PVC jacket with stripes in contrasting directions. As the lines move past each other, the patterns create a visual effect known as moiré. Other looks use layers of voile or tulle fabric with graphic dots or stripes to create shifting pattern effects, which van de Sande hopes to develop further for use in stage performances.

But what I see in all this is how these different moving prints can truly celebrate a positive female body image. With the various moving prints, no matter the woman’s size, they will accentuate any curve with interest + make her feel beautiful, with every step she takes.

(via dezeen)

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow, that’s amazing! Very nice post. That is one innovative concept.

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