Whoever Said Utility + Luxury Don’t Mix?


Trends come + go, but minimalist + utilitarian looks, seem to always withstand time. Be it for the love of simplicity, if not a political statement against the trend obsessed sheep, these days, function follows form in a fast paced world, full of new technologies sprouting every second, allowing for utility to become an esthetic necessity. For luxury womenswear label Homo Consommatus, although comprised of utilitarian pieces, they still find their fit into the context of contemporary style.

This ‘Cashmere Coat’, with it’s oversize fit, makes great use of color blocking, instead of taking the monochromatic route. Made of luxurious cashmere + baby lama knit, the shoulder detail + its hidden side pockets, is what makes this coat special.


Designer Alexey Soroki’s philosophical approach to fashion is such that prompts him to draw inspiration from unusual subjects like pollution, consumerism + the meaning of life, present throughout the label’s collections as themes. But his unique aesthetic is achieved by using unusual, innovative treatments, through experiments with luxurious textiles + new production technologies. His ‘Hearst Midi’ + Hearst Mini Dresses’ below, are such an example, in using silk jersey covered with polyurethane + a wool graphic application. If the polyurethane were cheap, it would not hang on the body the same way.


A label noted for significant work with the form, throughout the collections Soroki plays with proportions, with visible contrasts to the length, like this ‘Hearst Suede Skirt’ below. This suede mini skirt in a calming Sky Blue, has varied lengths all around + the trimming with plastic palettes, emphasizes its form that much more. And how clever to style it over the label’s maxi bodicon ‘Quote Print Dress’, made of nude peach silk jersey, covered with black quote prints that read “Why not to rock a fur stole during the summer” + “Size of heat insulation”.


Like the suede skirt above, Homo Consummatus added depth to form with their ‘Cashmere Chain Coat’. Made of luxurious cashmere + trimmed with metal chains + silk ribbons, the design made with the chains gives the coat the look of having grooves, while the silk ribbon makes the coats cut pop.


To purchase any of the pieces seen here, go to Homo Consommatus.

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