about, style, yvette, cause and yvettecause and yvette is a blog that discusses style, art, film, and everything in between and how they relate to fashion.

Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, or a little of both, when it comes to style, there’s something here for everyone!

I’m Yvette, the daughter of Dominican immigrants and I started this blog back in 2011. After my stint as a fashion writer for Full Frontal Fashion, my passion to keep writing about that and lifestyle topics kept gnawing at me like a tapeworm. The desire to share my eye for design, unique sense of style, and love for all things creative evolved into having “fashion with bite”.




Fabout, style2, yvette, cause and yvetteirst Love With Fashion

My love for fashion began with an image I saw of a woman wearing a vintage Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo without a top. Mind you, I was a kid at the time and the idea of not wearing a top under a blazer, let alone without a bra, fascinated me. Then I discovered costume design on film and television and my love grew deeper.

I couldn’t help but notice why people wore what they wore. How some always matched and others, just had fun in not matching at all! From the bottoms of their feet to the tops of their heads, every piece was accounted for inside my head. Everything had meaning and a purpose, even if it was simply to get noticed!

How My Creativity Lent A Hand

I remember loving makeup. Maybe because it was taboo as a kid and I wasn’t allowed near it. Anytime, to this day, if I can’t have something I want it more. So I did the next best thing and that was creating art with it.

I used to take my mom’s makeup and nail polish and make paintings with them. Who knows if inhaling those fumes so young did something to me, but it definitely opened my imagination!

As I got a little older and allowed to use a needle and thread, I started making small repairs to clothing as well as outfits for my dolls. From there, I graduated to tailoring my pencil skirts to fit my hourglass shape and making tops from fabric scraps.

about page, style 3, yvette self-portrait, cause and yvetteEventually, I moved onto making my own accessories from hardware items to old jewelry. And if ever I didn’t have the right evening bag to match my outfit for an event, I would make my own. (My relationship with my sewing machine is complicated.)

All opinions are my own.

I hope you continue reading and remember, just be yourself, have fun with life, and never take yourself too seriously!