WANTED: Opening Ceremony OC Checkered Sneakers

Inspired by the best parts of Belgian culture including ancient architecture + techno-pop records, the Classic OC silhouettes sloping shoe returns as part of Opening Ceremony’s Pre-Fall collection.  With it’s mirror ball black checkered pattern effect on white leather + black laces, sitting on top of a white rubber bottom, this shoe is sure to bring out that little […]

Get lost in the alternate reality of fashion film ‘That Paradise Would Be A Meme’ by Stef Van Looveren for #ThrowbackThursday.  Showcasing male fashions by BENJI WZW, you can’t help but smile over the juxtaposition between the patterns, cuts + contemporary silhouettes of the clothes with that of the film’s virtual environment made up of lines, geometric shapes + wooden […]

Introducing Fine Line Jewelry Collection

There’s nothing I love more than a great line.  Rigid + exact, a line, simply never disappoints + always makes a statement, no matter how light.  Well that’s exactly what Polish jewelry designer Agata Bielen has created with her ‘Fine Line’ jewelry collection. Handcrafted, each piece appears as just a speck of metal on the wearer but […]

Now THIS Is How To Get Plugged With BLESS M Special Extension Cord

Tell me this extension cord is not sick + just in time for back-to-school too?! With so many electronic devices plugged under your desk at work or at home, it usually ends up looking like a cluster fvck of black, grey + white wires.  Sometimes, you might attempt on getting creative + try to find […]

Enter To Win ONE DIRECTION Makeup & Concert Ticket Giveaway

If you’re thinking you read that wrong, then YOU’RE wrong. That’s right! I’m giving my readers the opportunity to win a limited edition One Direction Makeup set from ‘The Looks Collection’ + a chance to win tickets to their August 8th ’Where We Are’ Tour Concert in Foxborough, MA. Makeup by One Direction (#makeupby1D) is called […]

Katra Film Series: Dope Film Festival Not To Be Missed

This is THE weekend of New York film festivals but if you don’t know which to choose from, you should go + checkout the Katra Film series tomorrow July 26, showcasing the Top 10 films since January!  Founding filmmaker Geoffrey Guerrero has been doing it for 2years now + it should be quite interesting.  If […]

It looks like Wednesday is going cray cray!  Now, instead of insanity being quiet, it’s now animated + evil, with plenty of curves + style, in MADLICK’s ‘Colombine’ music video. In case you didn’t know, MADLICK, is an Acid dance crew from Berlin, featuring Jiga + Eva, that produce hauntingly cool sounds.  In their live shows, they use a […]