Introducing Fine Line Jewelry Collection


There’s nothing I love more than a great line.  Rigid + exact, a line, simply never disappoints + always makes a statement, no matter how light.  Well that’s exactly what Polish jewelry designer Agata Bielen has created with her ‘Fine Line’ jewelry collection.


Handcrafted, each piece appears as just a speck of metal on the wearer but oh so delicately + beautifully.  This ‘Fine Line’ collection is a return to the first inspiration, the original point of departure – a straight line.

Once abandoned a while ago, an ultra-thin steel wire is back in favor with Bielen, the perfect medium for such a collection.  Two-dimensional geometry is raised into space while the line breaks in several angles creating three-dimensional forms.
The result – a small sculpture-like cubical pieces made of movable tubes that adapt to the body form.  Forms are lightweight, cubical + subtle. Despite the clear sharp geometric shapes, all the pieces comfortable + functional.  The bracelet on the right, in pic 1, is just plain sick!
The ‘Fine Line’ jewelry collection is available for purchase here.


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