Welcome Companions Invites You To Their Surreal Picnic

For her Spring 2013 accessories collection called ‘Part Time Picnic’, L.A. designer Laurel Broughton created pieces worthy of any of Surrealist for her Welcome Companions line.  Complete with woven leather bags that look like flattened picnic baskets. butter-pad clutch, napkin+plate print scarves + zip-lip pouches + totes, this is definitely a picnic that will keep […]

Morning Wood By Aron Demetz: ‘Distressed Wood Figures’

Aren’t these distressed wooden figures just gorgeous?  Created by Italian artist Aron Demetz for ‘The Tainted’ exhibition at Gazelli Art House in London, the way he distresses his wood figures looks like he’s shrouded them with a new type of textile.  Some look like they have plenty of stacked ruffles similar to a mille feuille […]

Quentin Tarantino Gets The Penguin Treatment

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, has often been showered by accolades for his films as being pinnacles of pop-culture + later, American cinema ‘classics’.   So it didn’t come as a surprise to see graphic designer + illustrator Sharm Murughia‘s reinterpretation of Tarantino’s films/screenplays as Penguin Classics.   Not bad right, considering he’s in good company with […]

Celebrate Heath Ledger’s Legacy With This Limited Edition Commemorative Tee

Designed by Heath’s sister Elana Rosa, the tee features Heath with his skateboard.  Shot by NY Photographer Ben Watts (Actor Naomi Watt’s bro) + a close friend of the actor’s, the image displays Heath’s down-to-earth yet fearless character.  Shot down in the LA river, it was a pic more about having fun rather than being […]

Colors black + white fight it out for Litkovskaya SS/13 collection.  A project of cooperation + confrontation, equanimity + self-irony, contradictory concepts mixed together between Litkovskaya v. Bevza.  Belts, bags, shoes, are as much armor as they are weapons. Both designers Lilliana Litkovskaya + Svetlana Bevza use minimalism, complex cuts + monochrome colors as common […]

‘Spring Breakers’ Will Break You + Send You On Your Way Wrapped In Neon

Friday, I watched flmmaker Harmony Korine’s latest flick, ‘Spring Breakers’, + it’s definitely a ‘must see’.  Most critics have already panned it as basically being a waste of time, full of debauchery or just another flick with lots of tits, sex, drugs + lots + lots of beer!  Spring Break has always been a time […]

Clearly, You’re Going To Love These For Spring

With perspex clutches, PVC shoes + bags + clear sunglasses having their moment on the ‘must have’ list for Spring, enter Cooee Design.  Based in the south of Sweden, Cooee believes in mixing classic Scandinavian style with modern materials like corian + acrylic, combined with more known materials like silver, gold + leather.  What I […]