Maïmouna’s Photographer’s Gaze Of The Gods Within

In her 1964 diary, the great feminist photographer Susan Sontag, described art as ‘a form of psychological nourishment, holding a promise to inner wholeness.’ It is this same promise to inner wholeness that is beautifully achieved through the photos inside, Inner Constellations: Photographs by Maïmouna Guerresi, © 2015, published by Glitterati Incorporated. Marrying diverse cultural + religious […]

Artsy Truly Knows How To Show Artist James Rosenquist Love

(All of the artworks featured in this post are some of my favorites by James Rosenquist.) If you’re as much of a fan of American Pop artist James Rosenquist as I am, imagine the size of my smile when I found a site that featured his best works + more? Called Artsy, you not only get […]

Introducing Fine Line Jewelry Collection

There’s nothing I love more than a great line.  Rigid + exact, a line, simply never disappoints + always makes a statement, no matter how light.  Well that’s exactly what Polish jewelry designer Agata Bielen has created with her ‘Fine Line’ jewelry collection. Handcrafted, each piece appears as just a speck of metal on the wearer but […]

Clothes That Prove To Be Heavy Without All The Beadwork

I would love to come home + find this marble shirt above on my coffee table – it’s the perfect piece of contemporary sculpture.  Artist Alasdair Thomson cleverly created a series of clothing made entirely out of marble called ’The Identity Collection’.  It’s just amazing how every fold + every drape, is perfectly carved into these […]

Morning Wood By Aron Demetz: ‘Distressed Wood Figures’

Aren’t these distressed wooden figures just gorgeous?  Created by Italian artist Aron Demetz for ‘The Tainted’ exhibition at Gazelli Art House in London, the way he distresses his wood figures looks like he’s shrouded them with a new type of textile.  Some look like they have plenty of stacked ruffles similar to a mille feuille […]

Maybe Artist Willi Dorner Has Devised A New Way To Stage Fashion Shows?

Well, At Least I’d Like To Think So Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner has taken a simple notion and turned it into something really great – using people to fill-in or ‘color’ urban spaces, literally.  Yet, Doner’s imagination spares no limits to what groups of people, clad in colorful sweatpants + hoodies, can create in a […]