How 5 Fabulous Seniors Prove Style Doesn’t Age

As Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal”. Nothing rings truer when it comes to these seniors found inside the pages of Ari Seth Cohen’s book ‘Advanced Style: Older & Wiser’, published by powerHouse Books. Your mind will be blown by their personal style.

But what makes them real “standouts” is their age. They might be seniors to most, but they are all 60+ young, believe it or not. Each subject is carefully photographed by blogger and street style photographer, Ari Seth Cohen. You can’t help but get inspired, as their unique and personal style jumps off the pages, regardless of your age.

Advanced Style: Advanced Style: Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, Ari Seth Cohen, powerHouse Books, book cover, cause and yvette

(photo: Ari Seth Cohen, powerHouse Books, featuring Valerie Sobel, President, Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation)

The Blog That Started It All

First incarnated as a street style blog of the same name eight years ago, after the passing of Ari’s grandmother and best friend Bluma, through this digital record of the style and stories of some of the city’s most inspiring older people, he was able to pay tribute to her with the profound loss of living without her inimitable guidance.

“a global movement re-imagining the picture of aging”

Never in Ari’s wildest dreams did he think this kind of inspiration would “blossom into a global movement re-imagining the picture of aging.” The idea that one can look forward to their later years as one of the most productive and liberating chapters in their life, changes the conversation of aging, especially in fashion.

Changing the Tone For Seniors

Meryl Streep, Devil Wears Prada, GIF, cause and yvette

Fashion has always been hugely polarizing, with beauty not far behind. Constantly pushing the “stay young” agenda, things have clearly changed. Now more than ever many fashionable seniors are “front and center”, and I strongly believe Ari played a hand in it all.

What this book’s success proves along with more older models being cast for runway shows and print, is that aging will continue to be celebrated.

“Advance Stylers” have carved a new path.

Since the publication of this first book and the release of the ‘Advanced Style’ documentary, it’s been quite an adventure for Ari. Taking him from Sydney to Tokyo, Rome to Buenos Aires, to meet such incredibly stylish and inspirational men and women, the rest is, as they say, history.

Maye Musk, IMG Models, cause and yvette

(photo: Maye Musk, 70 young Covergirl, IMG Models)

Stylish and Fashionable

These five subjects I’m about to highlight, are just a glimpse of the vast creativity that amounts to “Advanced Style: Older and Wiser”.

Ignacio Quiles of Providence, RI is our first “Advanced Styler”. I love his white suit, complete with a vest and white pants, offset by a brightly colored plaid blazer. His pink shirt brilliantly picks up the reds throughout his outfit while the various hints of pattern, give you movement.

Of course, the details make all the difference here. His silver pocket watch, black eyeglasses, and cream hat with a black ribbon tie everything together perfectly. Some might say it looks like he’s wearing a costume, but for me, it’s both timeless and contemporary.

Ignacio Quiles, Advanced Style, Ari Seth Cohen, powerHouse Books, cause and yvette

(photo: Ignacio Quiles, Providence, RI)

Barbara Chapman of Solana Beach, CA is a lot more exotic. Her outfit shows me that she’s traveled the world. If not, she sure hides it well with her great sense for color, pattern play, and texture. Barbara’s outfit is a statement with an exclamation. Her jewelry is big, bold, and utterly unique. I would kill to own every piece except for her earrings as my earlobes are tiny.

Barbara Chapman, Advanced Style, Ari Seth Cohen, powerHouse Books, cause and yvette

(photo: Barbara Chapman, Solana Beach, CA)

…those whose artful and creative dressing is a reflection of their indomitable spirits and the refusal to become invisible.

Sarah James Adams of Sydney, Australia, is a total badass. I love how she mixes her red and white baseball jacket, over a black tee paired with a black and white checkered skirt. Her jewelry choices really make her outfit that much stronger.

Her gold Rolex-like watch, gold name tag pendant necklace, and red and white scarf bandana, adorning her slightly waved short haircut, just gives her that rockabilly chick vibe. And let’s not forget the henna on her hands. Dope af if you ask me.

Sarah Jane Adams, Advanced Style: Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, Ari Seth Cohen, powerHouse Books, cause and yvette

(photo: Sarah Jane Adams, Sydney, Australia)

Derrill Osborn of Dallas really loves pink and it shows. The way he does it tells a story as any great outfit should.

His side pink pocket square just peeks out from the cream-colored vest, drawing your eye to the striped long ascot he has interwoven in and out of his shirt and vest. But the pink really takes hold everywhere else with pink pants, a pink shirt, and pink gloves. Let’s not forget that color flirting further up his neck with a pink flower on his lapel. And nothing best completes his look with an oversized large brim hat, round eyeglasses, a cane, and a watch bracelet minus the watch. Maybe it’s a bangle missing its large oval stone? Hmmm…

Derrill Osborn, Advanced Style: Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, Ari Seth Cohen, powerHouse Books, cause and yvette

(photo: Derrill Osborn, Dallas)

Angelo Gallamini Rimini of Italy is my favorite. Not only is his beard impressive on his expressive face, he beautifully mixes turquoise with other blues and reds. The red blanket style poncho over his blue denim shirt, complete with rolled up cuffs, show off his bracelets and highlight his rings. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a man who wears statement jewelry like that? The cuffed jeans reveal striped socks with the same colorway that perfectly match his shoes. This makes this outfit a hit from head to toe.

Angelo Gallamini Rimini, Advanced Style: Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, Ari Seth Cohen, powerHouse Books, cause and yvette

(photo: Angelo Gallamini Rimini, Italy)

Advanced Style Makes Dreams Come True

The publication of this first book and the release of the ‘Advanced Style’ documentary, has been quite an adventure for Ari. This project has taken him from Sydney to Tokyo, Rome to Buenos Aires to meet incredibly stylish and inspirational people whose creativity stumps most, forty to twenty years their junior. The pictures are proof, don’t you think?

Valerie von Sobel with Seth Cohen, Advanced Style, cause and yvette

(photo: Valerie Sobel, President, Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation with Author & Photographer, Ari Seth Cohen)

Just remember, as you leaf through the pages of ‘Advanced Style’, to lose yourself in the fantasy becoming real. Many of the subjects photographed in this book make you believe in fantasy. Let your eyes gaze upon “those whose artful and creative dressing is a reflection of their indomitable spirits and the refusal to become invisible,” Ari said. Get inspired, stand out, and live life out loud!

‘Advanced Style: Older & Wiser’, by Ari Seth Cohen, published by Powerhouse Books, is available for purchase at

“Asphalt, Muscle & Bone” Wrestles With Powerful Themes and Emotions In London

Asphalt, Muscle & Bone, Museum of Emotions, Performance Gallery #2, Film Still, Bill Hayward, cause and yvette

(film still: “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone”, *The Museum of Emotions-Performance Gallery #2, Bill Hayward)

*Click here to see film excerpt

Bill Hayward‘s award-winning film “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone” does more than wrestle with powerful visuals. It also wrestles with the complexity of emotions through different themes. An official selection in this year’s North Europe International Film Festival: London Edition 2019, February 16-23, this film is sure to be a tough one to beat.

My First Encounter with Bill Hayward

I first came to know and admire this photographer, choreographer, and filmmaker’s work when I reviewed his Chasing Dragons: An Uncommon Memoir in Photographs by Bill Hayward, © 2015, published by Glitterati Incorporated three years ago. Back then, I was able to see movement in his images accomplished through the open collaboration he had with his subjects and they with him.

Asphalt, Muscle & Bone, Museum of Emotions, Performance Gallery, Film Still, Bill Hayward, cause and yvette

(film still: “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone”, *The Museum of Emotions-Performance Gallery, Bill Hayward)

*Click here to see film excerpt

My First Peek

Just days back from The Amsterdam International Filmmaker Festival 2018/Amsterdam IFF 2018 (wherein he was nominated for Best Cinematography in a Feature Film, Best Visual Effects or Design, and Best Hair, Makeup and Body Design) and his win for the latter. Hayward explained to me that when people screen his film, he prefers they do it alone so they won’t feel self-conscious or distracted by the presence of others. This disallows their emotion to wrestle with the emotion of others.

A disruptive reclaiming the primacy of the body and blood of the feminine, the creative process. -Bill Hayward

Hayward describes his film as ‘a disruptive reclaiming the primacy of the body and blood of the feminine, the creative process.” It is a response to the wrestling of  “gross imbalance of testosterone” in the world for the past three-to-four-thousand years. For this reason, the film pays homage to women, as we all come from mud and women’s blood.

I settled into my seat and waited for the film to begin. The moment it started, I found myself drawn into a fantasy world made evident by the names of mythical places the actors inhabited. Such places included Fat River Hotel and my favorite, the Museum of Emotions.

Character Description

The different characters I saw on the screen were several dancers Hayward’s used as models in the past. But unlike most films, these characters communicate mostly in gestures, as they wrestle with emotion, so you will find very little dialogue.

The characters all seemed to be staying at the Fat River Hotel, and mostly alone in their room. But are they dead or alive, as I often questioned their mortality?

Wrestle, “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone”, The Fat River Hotel: Room #531, cause and yvette

(film still: “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone”, The Fat River Hotel: Room #531)

Theme and Emotion Wrestle with Each Other

One male character just spent his time talking to a portrait of his father, repeatedly questioning his mortality. Ironically, mortality is a theme that is often juxtaposed with love, which brings me to the next theme.

The ‘impossibility of love’ is one theme that is constant throughout the film. The characters either questioned love’s existence as love for one’s self, love for someone else and love from someone else. But the way they do it is both sad and sometimes terrifying to watch. One such moment included a male character that kept repeating to himself ‘I have love.’

Wrestling with The Impossibility of Love

There was a male and female couple that seemed intoxicated with one another but always on the verge of splitting up. Throughout the film, I saw them trying to get close, but something always pulled them apart. I sensed there was a deep connection once, but hurt along with them as I saw them struggling with the truth ‘it’s over’. I think what was hardest for them was the physical detachment versus the emotional, which goes against reason. Then again, whoever said love was rational?

Wrestle, “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone”, The Fat River Hotel: Hallway 1, cause and yvette

(film still: “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone”, *The Fat River Hotel: Hallway 1)

*Click here to see film excerpt.

Female characters, which outnumbered the male characters in the cast, were all quite unique. One character that really stood out was this stylish woman. Although wearing a crisp white button-down shirt, you would think she has it together. She looks like fun adorned with plenty of necklaces embellished with crystals and pearls. But just as fast, she began to unravel before my eyes. At first, she seemed to be at odds with something. Then looks as if she’s questioning her reason for being as she wrestles with her truth. And just like that, I then saw her fighting with herself. Wrestling with her clothes and jewels as if they were suffocating her.  With calculated precision, she proceeded to try to tear it all off.

It’s as if Hayward was trying to convey how some women are not satisfied. Although they’ve found their place in their world, they feel imprisoned by their current role.

Final Thoughts

‘Asphalt, Muscle & Bone’ is a work of art that one needs to experience personally. This is a definite ‘must watch’ film. It will grant you further passage into the heart and mind of Bill Hayward.


6 Unisex Perfumes To Make Every Day Fit For Love

6 Unisex Perfumes, Nick Knight, cause and yvette

Even though Valentine’s Day was yesterday, you can still evoke the romance behind love with perfume. Smells have the power to spark memories long forgotten by time and circumstance. It just takes one fragrance note to take you there, the same way two notes of a song are enough to tell you what it is. Ever hear the theme song to “Jaws” the movie? You now that infamous, “Ta dun”?  Think about it.

I never face the day without perfume. -Elizabeth Taylor

Perfume is the easiest accessory that matches with a lot, depending on its intensity and lingering note. It also makes you feel a little sexier, no matter what you’re wearing. You could look like you literally rolled out of bed, with chips from the night before still in your hair. But with a spray or dab of your favorite perfume, you suddenly start kissing yourself in the mirror.

6 Unisex Perfumes, Ariana Grande Perfume Spraying, cause and yvette

Perfume Sparks Romance

Which brings me to the point of how perfume, always manages to add a hint of romance to your every day. It doesn’t just happen on Valentine’s Day. It might feel that way since we’re preconditioned to think that on that day our love vibrations are heightened by the many paper hearts we see. But the answer is a big, “Hell no!” Call it a bad case of groupthink. But maybe I’m wrong.

A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. -Christian Dior

Personally speaking, once I get a whiff of my perfume on my wrists, I feel a bit more special. But just as easily, I’m quickly transported, if just for a few seconds, to a moment when I was wearing that same perfume. It might be a good memory just as much as a bittersweet one. And if the latter intrudes my thoughts, it doesn’t matter as the scent still makes me feel great.

6 Unisex Perfumes, spraying perfume GIF, cause and yvette

Why Only Unisex Scents?

If you’re reading this and you’re a cis-gender woman, why not select women’s perfume with me being one as well? Believe it or not, I wear mostly men’s fragrances more than women’s. I’m not really into anything that’s too floral or sweet. I actually gravitate mostly to tobacco, woody and leather notes. However, I also love very clean almost citrusy smells. Sadly, most of the feminine fragrances out there, tend to be too ‘girly’ for me and common. I’d rather stand out with unisex or masculine scents.

Perfume is a message. -Paloma Picasso

So before you turn these away, after reading each description, try to envision the smell in your mind. Close your eyes and picture what those individual smells smell like and how they all complement each other.

The Smell Structure

If you didn’t already know, the scent structure is made up of three parts. It has a top note, heart note, and base note. And what are those exactly? Basically, the top note is the FIRST scent you get, the heart note is SECOND and the BASE note is the one that lingers.

Now that you know the breakdown, let’s dive into my favorites.

6 Unisex Perfumes, what is GIF, cause and yvette

My Top Unisex Picks

I don’t know why but most of my selections have wood in them. I love the smell. What can I say? And as a sucker for packaging, the design of the bottle was also considered.

Unisex Perfumes, Santo Incensio, The Different Company, cause and yvette

Santo Incensio, by The Different Company, became a favorite because of its Palo Santo ingredient. If you don’t know what that is, Palo Santo usually comes in the form of fragrant wooden sticks used to burn like sage. According to Wikipedia, Palo Santo comes from a “wild tree native to Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela that inhabits the South American Gran Chaco region. It is also found in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and on the Galápagos Islands.”

Santo Incensio has citrusy Bergamot as a top note, Palo Santo as a heart note, and Incense as a base note

7 Unisex Perfumes, Gentle Fluidity Gold, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, cause and yvette

Gentle Fluidity, by Maison Francis Kurkdijian, has wood of course, along with Amber and Vanilla. But it also has musks punctuated by coriander seeds.

Unisex Perfumes, Gentle Fluidity Gold, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Miller Harris, cause and yvette

Violet Ida, by Miller Harris, was “inspired by the World of Brighton Rock, a place of contrasts, color, and nostalgia,” according to Miller Harris. It lovingly flirts with Bergamot as its top note, Orris Beurre as its heart note, and Amber as its base note.

Seductive but not a seductress, a woman wears her scent to reveal her personality. -Paco Rabanne

Wait! There’s More

7 Unisex Perfumes, Marfa, Memo Paris, cause and yvette

Marfa by Memo Paris is everything. Besides the cool bottle, it counts Orange Blossom as a top note, Tuberose as a heart note, and Vanilla as a base note. Imagine that bottle as part of your collection with the dope illustration? Got my vote!

7 Unisex Perfumes, Willow & Amber, Jo Malone London, cause and yvette

Willow & Amber, by Jo Malone London, part of its “Wild Flowers & Weeds” limited edition collection, is sure to become one of your favorites too. It has Pink Pepper as a top note, Willow as a heart note, and Amber as a base note.

7 Unisex Perfumes, OUD Divin, Robert Piguet, cause and yvette

Oud Divin, by Robert Piguet, was already a winner in my book. Already a fan of the iconic fragrance house’s 1948 darling called Fracas, this one is right up there. Part of its Modern Collection, Oud Divin has Saffron as a top note, smoky Guiac wood as a heart note, and Vetiver as a base note.

I hope this helps you discover new perfumes for yourself or a loved one. Remember, falling in love every day is always possible with the right perfume.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed my post. If not, how can it be improved?


9 Caffeine Beauty Products With Superpowers For Your Skin

caffeine beauty, woman drinking coffee, causeandyvette

Who doesn’t love a cup of caffeine in the morning to wake up? I know I do, even though I should seriously cut back. But, I digress. Mind you, as much as caffeine helps to jump-start our brains, it dries up our skin when we drink it. However, it does the complete opposite when directly applied to our skin.

Your Skin Will Thank You

Warning: Reading further might prompt you to start rubbing coffee grounds all over yourself.

Antioxidants protect your body from inflammation by fighting free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can harm cellular structures.

According to the American Chemical Society, caffeine’s use for its anti-oxidant properties is on the rise in the U.S. Even Bulletproof founder Dave Aspery said, “Antioxidants protect your body from inflammation by fighting free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can harm cellular structures.” Caffeine is extremely rich in antioxidants, such as hydrocinnamic acids and polyphenols. Asprey says they are ‘especially efficient at neutralizing free radicals and preventing oxidative stress.’

In plain English, free radicals are toxic byproducts of oxygen metabolism. Meanwhile, these free radicals are a total ‘buzzkill’ to living cells and tissues.

caffeine beauty, wow gif, cause and yvette

Other Caffeine Bennies For Your Skin

But the benefits of caffeine don’t stop there. Caffeine helps reduce inflammation and it’s super generous with boosting circulation. It basically constricts your blood vessels, putting under eye circles in a sleeper hold. It also helps with cellulite, premature aging, exfoliates dead skin, tightens pores, and brightens your skin.

Here are some of my favorite caffeine-infused beauty products you should invest in to wake up your skin!

Coffee Loves Your Body

caffeine beauty, body, causeandyette

1: Original Body Scrub by Frank Body is loaded with yummy goodness for your body – the coffee stimulates blood flow & promotes collagen production, hiding your cellulite. Almond oil hydrates your skin even after you wash it off. Vitamin E then helps with healing scars and Sea Salt exfoliates.

2: Shimmer Scrub by Frank Body is just as good with a hint of sparkle to add some magic to your day – coffee and sea salt slough away your winter skin’s blues. For extra moisture, Grapeseed Oil and Vitamin E are added. And to keep you glowing all day long, you can thank the Glow Dust in it.

3: CARDAMOM+COFFEE BODY SCRUB by Fig + Yarrow firms, exfoliates and anti-oxidizes your skin. Coffee tightens and minimizes cellulite deposits. Cane sugar exfoliates. Cocoa, coconut, and shea butter moisturize, castor oil repairs, while cardamom uplifts with its aroma. And if that weren’t enough, Vitamin C and manganese boost radiance.

Coffee On Your Face

caffeine beauty, face, cause and yette

4: Hello FAB Caffeine Matcha Wake Up Wipes by First Aid Beauty cleans away the grime while waking up your face with caffeine matcha.

5: Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Agin Wake Up Balm by Estée Lauder brightens, promotes instant radiance, and helps with anti-aging – with plant stem cell extract and their exclusive RevitaKey™ Technology—with radiance-boosting optics, your skin will get that instant boost while improving skin’s firmness, density, elasticity, AND dramatically reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

6: Kenyan Coffee Face Polish by Nyakio was a true gift inside my BIRCHBOX monthly box – not only did it exfoliate my skin, but it also hydrated my thirsty face.

Your Eyes Want Some Coffee Too!

caffeine beauty, eyes, cause and yette

7: GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff by Origins does just that. Your eyes never felt so spoiled with caffeine Panax Ginseng, Magnolia Extract, and natural optic brighteners to make them look better.

8: Perk It Under-Eye Treatment Brightener by Julep brightens and more – the caffeine depuffs and wakes up your tired eyes. Turmeric Root Extract calms and soothes, while Rosehip Seed Oil reduces the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Coffee Kisses Your Hands and Feet

caffeine beauty, hands and feet, cause and yette

9: Caffeine Hit Coffee Scrub by NAILS INC is great for winter hands and feet – the caffeine scrubs dryness away while stimulating blood flow.

Now go slather on some of these products, while sipping some coffee! Let me know how it works out for you below.

caffeine beauty, gwen stefani drinking coffee gif, cause and yvette

Zimmerman’s Sexy Tempest Dress Is Sure To Entice Fall With Romantic Florals

Today’s OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) centers around this amazing Fall dress called the Tempest dress by Zimmerman.

Part of Zimmerman’s AW/18 collection, an oppressed Victorian-era person with modern sensibilities served as its inspiration. This Zimmerman person found refuge and independence in riding horses.

However, it should really be called the ‘Temptress’ dress. And why you ask when so covered up? Pull up your chair and let me tell you.

The Genius Behind This Breathtaking Fall Dress

This Fall dress is a sure win for several reasons. The beautiful color palette and floral pattern are very reminiscent of Victorian fashion. While the muted earth tones perfectly complement any fashion addict’s Fall wardrobe for day or night.

You have contrasting pastel juniper colored florals on blush pink from the shoulder down to the wrist. Meanwhile, antique rose blooms, flirt across a burgundy bodice. They then creep their way down the right hip into a brown playing field. A lightly tanned draped hem accentuated by a tied side bow gives the florals more to play with. Additionally, burgundy flowers placed across bands of off-white lines, make for subtle yet noticeable pattern play.

But it’s the shape of the dress is what really takes my breath away.

With its high tied collar, you couldn’t help but see the Victorian Zimmerman person come through. As your eyes begin tracing the neck down to its puff shoulders, restrained by a draping effect, they stop at the ruched wrists of the long sleeves. The form-fitting bodice highlights the wearer’s waist by a cutout strategically placed on the right side.  Now that’s a sneaky way to show some skin, don’t you think?

As you follow that cutout, you’re met with the bottom half of the dress, which is a slim skirt, cut on the bias. And to add movement to this form-fitting dress, an angled flowing hem, in a contrasting color is added. Color blocking ingeniously highlights the shape of this dress, with all the draping, gathering and slight ruching.

Well, How Do I Wear This Dress?

Considering the traditional autumnal colors of this Fall dress, one could easily pair it with basic neutral colored footwear, but I decided to go in a different direction.

Outfit Of The Day, Tempest Fall Dress look, cause and yvette

Taking a cue from the ‘green’ color on the sleeves and shoulders, I decided to pair this Tempest Fall dress with leather ankle boots in ‘Jade’ green by Acne Studios.

OOTD, Tuesday, leather boots, Acne Studios, cause and yvette

With a back zip, round toe, and slightly slanted block heel, no boot would be more perfect to wear with this dress. I just love how it picks up the green on top. The slant of the heel mimics the cutout along the right side of the waistline. And the round toe of this designer boot really elevates the dressy appeal of the whole look. If the toe had been a little rounder, as it has a slight almond peak, it would’ve given the boot a more casual feel.

What If It Gets Chilly?

Why not consider a chocolate brown faux fur coat, like this Almeda coat by Erdem? It’s a great pairing of texture with silhouette and pattern.

OOTD, Tuesday, Almeda Faux Fur Coat, Erdem, cause and yvette

Just picture yourself with a hint of the dress’ hem moving along the bottom of this luxe coat. While the green designer boots add that element of surprise. Gorgeous right?! Even if you were to button the coat, showing off the coat’s shiny large round gold buttons, you’d have the beautiful bow from your neck, saying ‘hello’ from on top. Double-breasted with a sweeping notch lapel collar, this fur coat doesn’t hold back in enveloping the wearer in soft luxury, faux or not.

Gold Accessories For H2T Seduction

Delving into luxury, as we all love to do for Fall, I wanted to further exploit the faux fur coat’s shiny gold buttons. Take these earrings as a, for instance, perfect for both day or night. Clip-on style ‘Classic Short’ Tassel Chain Drop Earrings by Oscar de la Renta, would add the right amount of sparkle without too much fuss.

Featuring tiny chain details, with a 3 1/2″ drop and 3/4″ width, they’re long and big enough to make a Fall statement. They would force your many admirers to pull them in closer to you, as they frame your face with just enough sparkle. This would also draw even more attention to the puff shoulder details, while their eyes subtly, make a beeline to them.

                   OOTD, Tuesday, gold statement earrings, Oscar de la Renta, cause and yvette   

As for what bag to carry, how amazing is this little Beaded Crossbody Bag With Clasp? With it’s textured surface, in a similar color palette as this dress, there’s no missing the mark here.

             Outfit Of The Day, Tuesday, Fall beaded bag, Zara, cause and yvette

Gold details mixed with a geometric pattern of multicolored beads, make this an ideal accessory for this Fall look. It’s just crazy how it has most of the dress colors but not in a ‘matchy’ sort of way.

So have at it, and tell me what you think?





Why We Love A Flaw and You Should Too

A while ago, if you had a flaw, people would often criticize you for being and looking different. Boy, have times changed!

Nowadays, if you don’t have something that’s incredibly unique about you,  you’re sure to get lost in the crowd. And by unique or by a ‘flaw’ I mean, something that’s unconventionally attractive. Ideas of beauty have shifted to be more inclusive. And we can thank social media, believe it or not, and more people wanting to be heard for this.

Unique Beauties

(photo: Getty Images & Gabriel Perez Silva)

Model and activist, Ashley Graham broke all boundaries by not letting her plus-size define her but empower her. Model Winnie Harlow celebrates and flaunts her Vitiligo as one of the most sought-after models.

These women are both beautiful and I love their ‘flaw’!

(photos: Biel Parklee and Getty Images)

Model Ralph Souffrant flaunts his beautifully freckled self all over magazines and runways. Meanwhile, model Shaun Ross exudes confidence by putting albinism front and center, as something to be admired and desired.

These guys are both beautiful and I love their ‘flaw’!

And It’s Not Excluded By Gender

(photos: Twitter and Instagram)

Leyna Bloom is the first trans model to grace the pages of Vogue India. And trans actress Laverne Cox, known for her work in Netflix’s “Orange Is The New Black”, has helped bring trans women further into the gaze of mainstream media.

These trans women are beautiful and I love their ‘flaw’!

If you have a flaw baby, you’re beautiful!

‘Go With The Flaw’

But nothing explains this better than Berlin Fashion Film Festival winner, fashion film ‘Go With The Flaw’.

(film still: ‘Go With The Flaw)

Directed by François Rousselet for Diesel, the movie is set to Edith Piaf’s famous track, ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’ (translation: No, I Regret Nothing), which is apropos at best. If you have a flaw, you should damn well not have any regrets!

Above, we see a still from the film where a person obnoxiously and proudly, shows off their braces. Now that’s a flaw I know all too well, having had braces for most of my childhood – good times!

Whereas, below, we see another person with another kind of flaw, a unibrow. Frida Kahlo would be proud.

(film still: ‘Go With The Flaw)

I just hope that we continue pushing that envelope and accept and love everyone. Every inch of a person, whether a flaw or not, should be applauded, exalted and admired. But I say, we reclaim that word and flip the script. Turn flaw from a negative into a positive, for if you have a flaw baby, you’re beautiful!

And Now, The Film

Here’s a quick description of the film:

The film tells the story of a half blind editor who’s having a go at making his first film. Cinematic perfection, masterful editing skills that tell a clear story – he’ll have none of that. And he will regrette rien, proving that there are beauty and success off the beaten path that everyone’s taking, expecting to do things “right”.

This treasure of a film won for the following awards at this year’s Berlin Fashion Film Festival:

Cinematography – Gold
Music – Gold
Production Design – Gold
Direction – Silver
Casting – Silver
Best Film – Clothing, Footwear and Accessories
Best Film from Europe

Hope you enjoyed that.

If you have a ‘flaw’, I’d love to hear about it below.




This Monday’s Top Looks In the Animal Print of Leopard

leopard print quote, Iman, cause and yvette

To imagine not having animal print as part of your Fall style just won’t do! Especially when it comes to leopard. Now, most people might agree that animal print is asking a lot of them. To wear this type of print will make you stand out in a crowd. And that in and of itself means stepping out of your comfort zone in a huge way. But you don’t have to go head-to-toe animal print crazy. You can do it in small doses and with leopard, it’s not hard.

Why Leopard Print?

Leopard print has always been synonymous with all that is sexy and powerful.

(photo: AZZEDINE ALAÏA, Leopard Collection, FallWinter 1991)

The late Azzedine Alaïa was a designer that knew the curves of a woman. I swear, he created women himself. And HE celebrated leopard like no other as seen in his collection above.

But when I think of leopard, I think ‘Bond Girl’, the way iconic model Veruschka von Lehndorff looks here

(photo: Franco Rubartelli)

in a sick vintage look, wearing a cutout leopard swimsuit.

Leopard print also sparked my memory with images of Eartha Kitt. And how could it not?


(photo: Michael Ochs Archive and Rex Features)

Eartha was the only ‘Cat Woman’ that played that role best, commanding your attention with her unique voice and purr. Leopard print has even made an appearance with Kate Moss on more than one occasion, throughout her career.

You see, wearing leopard, shows defiance, power and commands attention, when done right. And as I’ll say it again, it can be done in small doses. However, in large amounts, it’s always great for dramatic effect.

So How Can You Wear Leopard?

Seeing as how leopard might be foreign to some of you, I’m here to help. I’ve put together three looks that will help you see how easy it is to wear this print.

Animal Print, Leopard Look One

I live to clash and love wearing contrasting patterns if you haven’t already noticed. The contrast in the patterns as well as in textures is what I love here.

The pink midi dress with allover eye print, known as the Eyeconic Sun Dress, by Romance Was Born, just had me at the eyes. But the different colors set against that pretty pink hue just called to me. Besides, pink and brown are a timeless color pairing that complements each other very well. Which brings me to the leopard in this scenario.

Balenciaga’s Knife Booties in leopard are the perfect boots for this dress. Part of the AW18 Balenciaga designer collection, these leopard printed booties in brown, black and beige, are simply divine. Its slip-on style, in a mid-calf length, shows just enough skin. Add a pointed toe, and high stiletto heel and you’re all set.  I then chose to offset the brown a bit, by way of this Ryan Roche Bisque Furry Cardigan. This fringe cardigan will make the dress appear to be more delicate thanks to its fuzzy appearance. Hand crocheted with an extra loose base weave, of 100% cashmere, makes it perfect for those chilly nights indoors.

Now, Accessorize Me

As for accessories, I thought that these green Enameled Teardrop Earrings would pick up the green from the dress. Besides, green paired with leopard are a classic color combination. And no look would be complete without a purse, so why not keep pushing the texture envelope? Which brought me to this Clare V. Flore Clutch, in navy faux fur with a gold removable chain strap and gold push-lock closure.

Animal Print, Leopard, Look Two

Here, you have a more muted version of the leopard print with this Leopard Shift Mini Dress. With a hidden back zipper, it manages to show off the leopard print without any distraction. But with this look, I saw the leopard as a neutral to mix with what else, the color red. How’s that for spicing things up?

Wearing this bright red Nanushka Hide Faux Leather Puffer Jacket, in bright red super soft vegan leather, you’ll not only keep warm but look extra cool doing so. The bulbous silhouette of the puffer jacket mixed with the tight leopard dress is a surefire hit. But to intensify things, even more, I’ve paired these items with Saint Laurent Niki 105 Leather Boots in “hot” red. Bearing a coveted conical heel, these slouchy up to the knee soft leather boots will surely get you in trouble. Plus, don’t get me started on its pointy toe.

Now, Where Do I Keep My Lipstick?

But like most shift dresses, your waist needs to be accentuated just a pinch. Enter a belted bag to do the trick. Of course, with the futuristic look of the puffer jacket, I wanted something similar in feel like this Bao Bao Issey Miyake 

As for style icon, Iris Apfel can attest, “More is more, less is a bore,”, I finished things off with these oversized mismatched shiny gold Texture Earrings. Measuring approximately two inches long, their wrinkled texture adds interest to the ears. A back clip closure, guarantees they’re big.

Animal Print, Leopard Look Three

I channeled my inner rocker chick, by way of some Janice Joplin and David Bowie when styling this look.

The leopard in this ensemble is bold, daring and way flashy with the help of Manley’s Luna Bomber Gold jacket. With a metallic gold and sky-blue leopard print body and gold shoulder panels, you can’t go wrong. The addition of elasticated cuffs and back hem give it a sporty appeal. Add this lime Ottoman Cropped Jumper, slightly front tucked into these Ann Demeulemeester cropped 

To be a total badass ‘rocker chick’ I obviously need boots and what better pair than these Nina Ricci 90MM Leather Cowboy Boots?! With their pointed toe, and seam and stitching details, these boots are too hot for riding a horse!

Any Finishing Touches?

Obviously, I wouldn’t let you out of my sight without giving you a little something special, so I opted for these Marni Crystal-Embellished Clip-On Earrings. A large gold disk surrounds a bright pink plastic circle. It’s then attached to a crystal-embellished stud fastening, sure to spark conversation.

But wait, there’s more.

I managed to have more pink trickle into this look by adding this dramatic Bebop Loop Handle Clutch by Valentino Garavani. In bright pink calfskin leather, you’ll make a statement alright. Flashing a fan of ostrich feathers of the same color, you won’t be missed. And if you forget to wear a bracelet, no worries. This little treasure’s golden loop handle tipped with signature pyramid studs will come to your rescue.

So there you have it! Three looks that are easily achievable by anyone. Still on the fence? You can always opt for a simple leopard belt or leopard slip loafers, which are both classic and timeless.

Would you wear any of these looks? Comment below.

Area’s Spring Clothes Are All About Fun And Play

SS19, Area Netted Maxi Dress, Vogue Runway, cause and yvette

When you think of Spring/Summer clothes, many could easily name the same adjectives to describe them. Fun, relaxed and effortless would be my top three and how I would describe the Area’s SS/19 collection. And it’s no wonder when VOGUE RUNWAY cited Libuše Niklová as this collection’s muse.

‘Who is Libuše Niklová?’, you ask? (I know, I was in the dark too but always love to learn something new.) She was the Czech genius artist and inventor that created the first inflatable toys for children in the Sixties. ‘Playing’ was critical to this collection and for Area designers, Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg, making her the perfect muse.

‘Playing’ Was Key For Area’s Summer

So how do you reinterpret inflatable creatures and strangely proportioned toys into a collection? Simply, by focusing on the fun and playful aspect of it all into everything that makes an outfit. Area’s designers told VOGUE RUNWAY, “We started thinking: What is important for us in fashion? I think as designers, in design in general, our core value is play. Playing is something so intellectual but also so pure,” which was very obvious from their designs. Thankfully, as much as fashion is all about having fun, Area took it literally without being kitschy or obvious.

SS19, Area, Dresses and Maxi Trench looks, Vogue Runway, cause and yvette

As seen in the designs throughout, Area’s designers manifested fun in several ways. There were fabrics in unexpected tones similar to the orange long trench with a shiny pearlescent pink sheen (right)  while the inflatable toys were reimagined by way of a pink bag (left) and other accessories.

A clear plastic mini apron, complete with crystal embellishments (left) amped up this tailored white shirt’s playfulness. Similarly, sparkly strappy sandals in a geo-pattern complemented the look. Then came the fun of playing with proportions as seen in the oversized colorful turban that finished that look.

Fun With Proportions

Area continued playing with fun in mixing silhouettes with texture. Kelly green, one of my favorite greens, made this pleated look (right) really stand out. A strapless top in a pleated fabric captivated with its drape across the chest from the left. Accentuated by a ruffled hem on both sides, it commanded attention.  With its long length, it glided down to the floor, giving the effect of a long train. Add shorts in the same fabric to the look and you can easily wear this for evening or day.

Another fun green look that played with proportion was the one below (right), thanks to the brilliantly structured big hat. Area’s iteration of a newsboy cap with a Sixties influence, mixed together with a brimmed turban effect, is a hat that would be hard for one to want to take off. A fun cropped sleeveless top with a neatly tied oversized bow at the center gave the outfit sweet innocence. To complete the look, embellished kelly green cigarette pants with crystals down the sides in a diamond line pattern were added.

The sparkle of the crystals made their way to a similarly patterned choker necklace, further accentuating the beauty of the green big hat. And no look is complete without the right bag, which in this case was a turquoise handheld mini trunk purse and matte Cookie Monster blue long nails.

Can’t Play Without Some Shine

Lurex came flirted with play in some of the looks. Below, you can see silver in a geometric pattern on biker shorts and its matching three-quarter sleeveless jacket. What I love about this look is how easily it can be a standalone look with a vacancy for addition.

The matching biker shorts could be paired with a long-sleeved or tee shirt, a tank top, or a sports bra, worn underneath the jacket. Whereas a sheer slip dress or sheer tunic over the biker shorts, in a contrasting color, with the jacket worn over it, to give the look more depth. But the key here is to have fun!

But it was all about shine with the first look. A simple toffee colored pant set, comprised of a criss-cross cropped fitted top with slightly cropped trousers, set the stage for some sparkle. A fun large diamond pattern sleeveless tunic worn over the top and pants added drama hemmed with long crystal strings down to the ankles. Throw in a silver handheld purse to the ensemble, made sure to say this neutral color came to play!

SS19, Area, Graphic print biker shorts and Tunic look, Vogue Runway,  cause and yvette

Chic And Fun Continued Playing With Ease

Now, who can say they can have fun if there’s too much effort involved? I surely can’t, which is why I have plenty of dresses in my closet. And this was key for Area, as noted in two of the looks below.

One look had simple white long trousers that were slim on top with a stovepipe leg. But here’s where it got interesting – the top! ‘Barazoku magazine, the first commercial Japanese gay magazine, is where the designers found inspo,’ said VOGUE RUNWAY. But for what exactly – the top’s print.

The designers recruited an artist to repaint a cover from the magazine for a print. In bright colors, the all-over print on white decorated a three-quarter length sleeveless shirt. The shirt, that crisscrossed along the front, had long panels that would mimic the movement of the pants when walking.

Long trousers in the pink geometric pattern with silver lurex played up the fun factor, yet again. Paired with a cropped hot pink long-sleeved top decorated with crystals, prompted the fun. The embellishments made their way down the sleeves, from the top of the shoulders down to the wrist. But this Area woman was busy indeed, as noted by the pushed up sleeves. A bubble gum pink rounded mini trunk purse with a hot pink handle and hot pink lattice detail made this practical look scream ‘fun, fun, fun!’

SS19, Area, cause and yvette