How 5 Fabulous Seniors Prove Style Doesn’t Age

Barbara Chapman, Advanced Style: Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, Ari Seth Cohen, powerHouse Books, cause and yvette

Your mind will be blown by the personal style of these stylish seniors found inside the pages of Ari Seth Cohen’s book ‘Advanced Style: Older & Wiser’, published by powerHouse Books. This made me think of Yves Saint Laurent’s famous quote, “Fashions fade, style is eternal,” and nothing rings truer when it comes to these chic […]

Six Jewelry Holiday Gift Picks

With the holiday season upon us, what better way to make an impact than with a beautiful + unique piece of jewelry as the perfect gift?! And to help you out just a bit, I’ve picked out these pieces below to help you score high marks + big smiles. 1-SPUR EARRINGS YELLOW by Hannah Martin are […]

Get ‘Wired’ Without The Jitters, Annelise Michelson Style

(Bondage Choker) Parisian jewelry designer Annelise Michelson, has done it again, with her ‘Wire’ collection. Comprised of several different pieces, Michelson chose to use two different types of wire motifs, in bronze plated in gold or silver. (Wire Bracelet + Neckpiece) (Single Wire Earring) Yet, I must admit I’m partial to the ‘Bondage’ pieces, like the […]

How Do You Eat Pasta Without Gaining Weight?

I simply love Futuro Remoto Gioielli’s ‘Pasta Necklace’. Not only is it avant-garde, but it’s also drenched in plenty of wit. Handmade in Italy, you have 18kt Gold plated sterling silver angel hair pasta + a fork made of sterling silver with a satin finish. Underneath the fork’s handle, you’ll find an adjustable clasp closure. But the best thing about […]

Jewelry For The Broken Hearted

With Valentine’s day soon upon us, not all of us can really breathe it all in, because let’s face it, not everyone’s in love. But for those with broken hearts, rather than wearing their hearts on their sleeves, what about wearing their emotions? Usually, when one thinks of the hopeless romantic getting their heart broken, […]

How Jewelry Designer Annelise Michelson Helps Vegans Eat Meat Without Guilt

Of course, jewelry designer Annelise Michelson would do this with her ‘Gold Carnivore Choker’.  Featuring a graphic zigzag cutout at the center that goes all the way around, not only does that turn it into a statement piece, but it does so with a bite of humor (couldn’t resist!). It’s obvious this piece would look great […]

Caterina Zangrando Jewelry You Need Right Now

Jewelry designer Caterina Zangrando creates pieces that resemble sculptural works of art that mix metals + materials into graphic wearable statements.  Made in Italy, Caterina’s collections pay homage to the audacious + independent women who left an indelible stamp on her history + from the look of these pieces, these women must’ve been more than just […]

Musical Instruments Disguised As Porcelain Jewelry

Imagine wearing a necklace you could blow into or a bangle you could shake as a tambourine, simply to make music?  Enter, Audiowear by elasticbrand, a series of musical jewelry inspired by idiophone aerophone instruments + the acoustic quality of clay.   [PANFLUTE COLLAR] I love the necklace below, worn towards the back – gives it that special […]