How 5 Fabulous Seniors Prove Style Doesn’t Age

Barbara Chapman, Advanced Style: Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, Ari Seth Cohen, powerHouse Books, cause and yvette

Your mind will be blown by the personal style of these stylish seniors found inside the pages of Ari Seth Cohen’s book ‘Advanced Style: Older & Wiser’, published by powerHouse Books. This made me think of Yves Saint Laurent’s famous quote, “Fashions fade, style is eternal,” and nothing rings truer when it comes to these chic […]

16 Hot Khaki Picks For Spring/Summer

*This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. Khaki is a color that is both timeless + seasonless, but, for some reason or another, it tends to really jump out at you during the warmer months. Maybe it’s due in part, to the strong ties it shares with a wanderlust for roaming a boundless […]

Michael McCollom’s Proof Black Style Then Continues To Inspire Style And Fashion At Large Today

For many, style is often confused with what designer label they’re wearing + how impressive that makes them look to others, but in truth, style is something very personal that you either have or you don’t.  In ‘The Way We Wore: Black Style Then’ by Michael McCollom, published by Glitterati Incorporated, you get to see […]

Remembering Deborah Turbeville

                                                      This weekend, fashion lost photographer Deborah Turbeville, a true treasure + practically, a self-taught genius.  Known for her moody + often dark photos, with clothes approached as victims of […]

Diana Vreeland, The World’s First Blogger

Diane Von Furstenberg once referred to Diana Vreeland as the very first blogger + no book best illustrates this idea than ‘Memos: The Vogue Years  | Diana Vreeland‘ (Rizzoli New York), compiled + published by her grandson Alexander Greeland. (cover photo by David Bailey) If you think about it, Diana’s memos could be compared to […]

Introducing ‘Cityblis Media Center’ – A Unique Online Fashion Pressroom

Just imagine, having a front row seat to New York Fashion Week – but instead of seeing it twice a year, you get to see new designers, new collections and new content daily.  This idea might have been considered impossible to achieve, up until last week, when launched it’s ‘Cityblis Media Center’ (CMC). a unique online […]