If you’re too embarrassed to admit how much you love playing with Legos or think their colors will clash way too much with your decor when you spill them on your floor, here’s Google Chrome to the rescue with ‘Build With Chrome’.  ’Build With Chrome’ will allow you to build with Legos using the Chrome browser. […]

Wake up with Katy B’s sexy ease as she sings the cover of Arctic Monkey’s ‘One For The Road’ + Ben Pearce’s ‘What I Do’ live on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge .   Look out for Katy B’s new album ‘Little Red’ set to drop Feb. 10th through Rinse/Columbia. Enjoy! (via pitchfork)

Google Uncovers Eyewear Frames For Glass STILL Not Pleasing To The Eye

Today, Google uncovered new eyewear frames for Glass including titanium optical frames, with round, square + nearly rimless versions + nonscrip sunglass styles in black, gray, white, turquoise + tangerine.  Yet, you would think, that in it being Google, style would not be compromised for functionality AGAIN, but you can judge for yourself. With all the amazing industrial […]

Here’s fashion film ‘Merry-Go-Round’ featuring Pleasemachine‘s Camerimage High Heels.   Designer Anna Zaboeva designed these boots for herself to attend the Camerimage film festival.  With a strong commitment to recycling, Anna uses vintage silks with various prints, combined with genuine leathers.  By adding a deep slit down the front, lengthens the appearance of the leg while showing a hint of skin. I love […]