How To RIOT In Spring

Considered ‘an uproar of excess that channels the anarchic energy of our times’, Harvey Santos‘ ‘Riot’ SS/15 hat collection is full of color, whimsy + interesting details.  Hand made hats + headpieces for women + men, a lot of them include signature + printed patterns, flower paillettes, crystals, glass + feathers in rambunctious colors. Take this […]

The D40 Vase Will Have You Staring At Your Arrangement For Hours

Created exclusively for by designer Paola Petrobelli, the D40 vase in clear + grey glass is a perfect marriage of old + new.   Applying the traditional technique of hand-blown glass in Venice to a modern shape, makes Petrobelli’s vase anything but boring.  With a shape displaying such a beautiful presentation, even a two dollar carnation will […]

Google Uncovers Eyewear Frames For Glass STILL Not Pleasing To The Eye

Today, Google uncovered new eyewear frames for Glass including titanium optical frames, with round, square + nearly rimless versions + nonscrip sunglass styles in black, gray, white, turquoise + tangerine.  Yet, you would think, that in it being Google, style would not be compromised for functionality AGAIN, but you can judge for yourself. With all the amazing industrial […]