Google Uncovers Eyewear Frames For Glass STILL Not Pleasing To The Eye



Today, Google uncovered new eyewear frames for Glass including titanium optical frames, with round, square + nearly rimless versions + nonscrip sunglass styles in black, gray, white, turquoise + tangerine.  Yet, you would think, that in it being Google, style would not be compromised for functionality AGAIN, but you can judge for yourself.

With all the amazing industrial + eyewear designers out there, this is the best Google could come up with?  I mean, look at them – they look like a pair of glasses or sunnies, with a bluetooth contraption attached to one side – Way too cumbersome, don’t you think?  But I guess business is business + Google needed to get something out there, to cash in on this unique concept, which was probably better articulated by some random, under the radar sci-fi flick.  Just the same though, I do believe Google will eventually get it right before somebody else beats them to it.

For ‘Explorers’ wanting there very own Google Glass, click here.

(via WWD)

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