Beautiful Portraits Inspired By Shamanism, Sacred Geometry + Wisdom

Stylist/Shaman Mia Morgan‘s, make-up/body paint artist Georgina Billington‘s + photographer Lindsay Adler‘s collaboration resulted in the beautiful photographic series ‘Visionary Art Project‘, based on the expansion of consciousness through art. Inspired by shamanism, wisdom + sacred geometry, each design was created with a different concept based on these inspos. For more on the ‘Visionary Art Project’, go to kickstarter. (via […]

Mary Katrantzou’s Plays With Pleats, Florals + Stripes For Resort 2016

For her Resort collection, Mary Katrantzou played with several patterns, pleats + silhouettes reminiscent of the Seventies, which is okay by me. For this collection, she showed floral prints + various stripe patterns in an array of colorways. There were diagonal rainbow colored stripes on a long sleeved mini dress, with a sheer black portion of […]

Capturing A Flower’s Ripple Effect Is Easier Than You Think

Nothing is better than seeing water ripples come alive, but imagine being able to freeze that moment in time? Well OoDesign has created a floating glass vase called ‘Ripple’, that’s shaped like a water ripple, with a long enough ‘dip’ to fit a flower’s stem. See, how much it looks like the flower is causing the water ripple, […]

A Beautiful Record Of Mother + Child In The Wildlife

The incomparably strong relationship between mother + child is one that can simply be demonstrated between how the mother protects + cares for her child. This, in turn, lead to the creation of ‘Mother and Child: Wildlife Photography’ by Reg Grundy, published by Glitterati Incorporated. Considered a dedication to the resilient animal mothers of this […]