Green Gift Guide 2015

1–Square Brim Hat by ILARIUSSS, farfetch 2–Army Leopard Stella Boot by IVYLEE, Bona Drag 3-Titanium Single Wall 450 Cup Green by Snow Peak, 290 Square Meters 4–Play Green by COMME des GARÇONS, Sephora 5–Roll-Top Green Glitter Socks, Topshop 6–Enamel Drop Pearl Drop Earrings by Leivankash, Avenue 32 7–100-L 4Wheel Spinner Trolley, 8–Arizona Ring by ALEXANDRA ALBERTA, Wolf +  Badger 9– Vectory Kaleidoscopic Bag,Vespoe 10–Leather Train Belt by LOEWE, Browns

Capturing A Flower’s Ripple Effect Is Easier Than You Think

Nothing is better than seeing water ripples come alive, but imagine being able to freeze that moment in time? Well OoDesign has created a floating glass vase called ‘Ripple’, that’s shaped like a water ripple, with a long enough ‘dip’ to fit a flower’s stem. See, how much it looks like the flower is causing the water ripple, […]

Ladies, Accessorize To Terrorize With These Ten Rings For Your Summer Nights Out

With Summer already cozying its way into our hearts, that means one thing for us ladies – wearing more skin baring looks or plainly less clothing, out to clubs, festivals + or the many wonderful warehouse or rooftop locations throughout Brooklyn. And unless you’ve been living under a rock during the past few months, I’m […]

Holiday Gift Guide

1AU JOUR LE JOUR Cream Lips Print Sweatshirt, AVENUE 32 | 2SOPHIA WEBSTER Leather Bootie, farfetch | 3OSCAR DE LA RENTA Pleated Blouse, Nordstrom | 4MEADHAM KIRCHOFF Gold Crystal Arrow Bobby Pins, AVENUE 32 | 5SARAH LOERTSCHER Large Structure Gold Hoop Earrings, BLACKBIRD | 6ARISTIDE Tiered Black Gloves, VALERY DEMURE | 7CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Marquise Paris Clutch, MATCHES FASHION | 8ROCKWELL […]

A Scarf That Wraps You With Geometric Allure

models wearing Geometric scarves by designer Aiste Nesterovaite for cause and yvette

A scarf on its own is already geometric as a long rectangle. However, this scarf by accessories designer Aiste Nesterovaite, full of geometric angles and curves can’t help but relish in its originality. Very few scarves can be this versatile. This scarf can be worn as a collar, necklace or just as a scarf, like this one. What […]