Take pause + immerse yourself in this beautifully lush film by James Franco for Gucci.  Entitled ‘La Passione’, the 15-minute fashion art film is loosely based on Thomas Dreyer’s 1920’s silent flick, ‘The Passion of Joan of Arc’.  Natalia Bonafacci plays a topless Joan while the ATL Twins (yes, the ones with them grillz from […]

 M.I.A.‘s  new music video for ‘Bring The Noize’, the latest single off her ‘Mathangi’ album, is simply, DOPE!  The beats + lyrics are tight, especially the chorus, ‘Dem-dem-dem-free-freekdom, Dem-dem-dem-free-freekdom’, which she makes sound like a machine gun + ‘Truth is like a rotten tooth, you gotta spit it out!  Let the bottom two, let my wisdom […]

For Resort 2014, Marni Takes A Relaxed Approach To Sophisticated Elegance

For Marni‘s Resort 2014, designer Consuelo Castiglioni created looks that beautifully displayed different degrees of sophistication for the modern woman.  There were several belted looks, in contrasting ribbons, that ranged from relaxed to tailored ensembles. There were also shorts in the collection, including bermuda style, which is a great alternative to a skirt.  But my favorite has […]

Vinylize Your Eyes With Sunnies Made Of Repurposed Vinyl

Rather than using old vinyl as food trays or dust traps, Budapest label Vinylize, has a much better solution.  The Budapest label has taken old vinyl records + repurposed them into these cool shades ranging from classic silhouettes to chic conversation starters.  But if you rather just see clearly through specs, you need to contact […]

Louis Vuitton Resorts To ‘Great Adventures’ For Their New Scarf

Designed by London street artist Eine, this Louis Vuitton scarf captivates with the artist’s signature alphabet lettering, often seen on the shops of East London.  Titled ‘Great Adventures’, with grand scale neon lettering on black, especially when draped (right), with this scarf, you’re sure to be dressed accordingly for an adventure or two. The scarf will […]