Check Out Lana Del Rey’s ‘Lust For Life’ Video Ft. The Weeknd

With Lana Del Rey, you’re always promised moody, sweet + sultry vocals as heard here in her new music video for ‘Lust For Life’ featuring The Weeknd. ‘Lust For Life’, the title track of her new album, with no release date in sight yet, beautifully envelopes the listener in a soft whispered kiss of lyrics, sung […]

The Chemical Brothers + Beck Get ‘Wide Open’, Complete With Holes!

To say weird, The Chemical Brothers + Beck in the same breath, is nothing new, but, what IS new is this video for track ‘Wide Open’. Featuring vocals by Beck + music by The Chems, in the video, as hard as it might seem to comprehend the beauty behind it at first, you see a dancer […]

Grimes’s New Video For ‘Kill V. Maim’ Enters The Cyberpunk Void

On a day as cold as today, Grimes’s new video for ART ANGELS track ‘Kill V. Maim’, is perfect for melting the chill. Shot in Toronto, directed by Claire Boucher+ her brother Mac, you see Grimes + friends in a world where Gaspar Noe‘s film ‘Enter The Void‘ (MUST see) left off, a cyberpunk void, full […]

For #TBT, The Video For ‘Verwandlung’ Is A Beautifully Bloody Mess

For #TBT, WAKE UP with Thomas Azier‘s disturbing video for track ‘Verwandlung’! An homage to French erotic horror flick ‘Trouble Every Day‘ by Claire Denis, director Sander Houtkruijer opts for a grainy + low lighting look, perfectly setting the tone of the video. Featuring a mysterious woman locked in her apartment with chains, an admirer + passionate bloody kisses, what happens next is […]

Get Entranced By Floating Points’ Video For ‘Nespole’

It’s about that time to take pause + what better way to do it than with this hypnotic video by Floating Points for track ‘Nespole’, off debut album ‘Elaenia’? The way some of the sounds slowly swell but stop short with little piercing beats buzzing about, like curious bees, perfectly track dancer Kiani Del Valle‘s moves, […]

Rose McGowan Pushes The Boundaries Of Beauty In New Video For ‘RM486’

When talking about her new video for track ‘RM486’ in an interview with NOWNESS, Rose McGowan said, “Not only did I not fit in, I didn’t want to fit in,”, adding, “I believe in civil disruption. I also think it’s important for bodies to be represented in a non-sexual manner, especially women’s bodies,” + in this case […]

Chase The Cool With Rocky For #TBT

With Summer’s demise soon upon us, for #TBT, why not relish a beautiful day at the beach but with a lot of a twist like in Rocky‘s music video for track ‘Chase The Cool’. Directed by The Stimuleye, aka  Antoine Asseraf + René Habermacher, + Label G.U.M, you get to see a sick play of colors being […]