Grimes’s New Video For ‘Kill V. Maim’ Enters The Cyberpunk Void

On a day as cold as today, Grimes’s new video for ART ANGELS track ‘Kill V. Maim’, is perfect for melting the chill. Shot in Toronto, directed by Claire Boucher+ her brother Mac, you see Grimes + friends in a world where Gaspar Noe‘s film ‘Enter The Void‘ (MUST see) left off, a cyberpunk void, full […]

BlowinBoX + Beeple Will Blow Your Mind

These days, more times than not, for any track to gain longevity, in popular culture’s consciousness, it needs to be created by an artist whose scandal outweighs their talents or by an artist whose nothing but a shepherd, with a big enough mouth only good for hating on others if not, just used to talk […]

I couldn’t help but think how cool this song would be as part of some fvcked up film’s soundtrack. When I first saw this music video for Koudlam’s ‘Negative Creep’, directed by Jamie Harley, films like Gaspar Noé‘s ‘Enter The Void‘ + ‘Irreversible‘ + Jonathan Glazer’s ‘Under The Skin‘ (all MUST SEES) came to mind as […]

Loving this A/W12 film campaign for Alexander McQueen shot by David Sims – very ‘Enter The Void’, a must see flick by Gaspar Noe starring Nathaniel Brown and Paz de la Huerta!  Like this film, Sims takes us on a journey full of neon psychedelia complete with chrome-like wraparound shades, pixelated ensembles, glowing geometric shapes […]