Fencing Unis Inspire Cool And Easy Pieces For Summer

For Summer, Hungarian designer Anna Daubner gets inspired + reimagines the fencing uniform into perfect light + airy looks..  For her Summer capsule collection, the concept of materials + cuts was built on that of fencing uniforms: the surface of luxe sport fabrics, the simplicity of the cuts + the purity of white.  Using the simplicity […]

Victoria+Jean: Divine Love on Nowness.com Get inspired to romance the tragedy of love with Anita Fontaine’s film for Victoria + Jean’s latest release ‘Divine Love’.  Drawing inspiration from science fiction films from the 70s + dating shows from the 80s, with both having these kind of fake sets that look like they are falling apart, as […]

FKA twigs’ voice, as usual, just cradles you with her smooth delivery, full of cool + sexy ease, paired with a sick track.  Directed by Nabil, here’s her new video for her new song ‘Two Weeks’, where she plays a goddess of sorts, surrounded by a court of gold dancers + men waiting in the […]

JR & José Parlá: Wrinkles of the City on Nowness.com Wake up + take a trip to Havana, Cuba with longtime collaborators José Parlá + JR in film short, ‘Wrinkles In Time’.   Commissioned by the 2012 Havana Biennale, it’s part of a global series of public art installations + expressionistic murals centered around enigmatic portraits of the residents in each metropolis, […]

Photographer Jefferson Hayman Really Knows How To Capture Dreams

Balloon (Still Life Series) When I first came across Jefferson Haymon’s work, I had to stop to really take hold of the moments captured by this guy.  His sense of wit along with the ability to create questions with visuals, makes his artwork special + unique. Take his ‘East River – Hudson River’ picture below, […]