WANTED: ‘Rock With You Tights’ by Kraken Counter Couture

No wardrobe should be without such magical items like these ‘Rock With You Tights’ by Kraken Counter Couture. Imagine having FULL-LEG coverage of over 13.750 crystal beads? Incredible right?! Just look at the expert craftsmanship of these lovelies, accented by the perfect color palette of crystals. There’s no wonder it belongs to the ‘HOMAGE TO CATOUFLAGE’ […]

WANTED: ‘Rustic Organza Trousers’ By Juan Carlos Pajares

To see these bottoms just hanging there, you can’t help but relate them to sculpture. But when worn, they take on a sense of magic + majesty after you see what’s really going on underneath. Upon the wearer slipping into these ‘Rustic Organza Trousers’ by Juan Carlos Pajares, you get to see the different geometric shapes […]

WANTED: Ella Bomber Jacket-African Circle By Sabina Söderberg

If you haven’t met a huge pattern whore, then let me introduce myself!  When it comes to patterns, I’ve always loved them. No matter whether it’s because of their colorways or different shapes, they always lend interest to any look, + this ‘Ella Bomber Jacket-African Circle’ by Sabina Söderberg is no exception. With a color palette […]

10 Perfect White Pieces To Flirt With

Nothing calls out Summer the way that the color white does. There’s this confidence attached to such a color because let’s face it, the list of things you can’t do while wearing white is long, unless you’re a clever ninja. Besides its longstanding reference of innocence + purity in Western cultures, but, that of death in […]

WANTED: ‘Fringed Dress’ By Domanoff

Because having fringe on a dress isn’t exciting enough, when you add structure to the mix as in this case, things start to get very interesting. This ‘Fringed Dress’ by Domanoff, is part of a collection inspired by love as an action, with the main symbols of a Scandinavian city, deep river, duality of image + hidden […]

Backpack That Pops With Changing Colors

If you’re into backpacks + iridescence, then this backpack is for you! Designed by Stevan Saville, the ‘Miami Backpack’ marries form + function flawlessly. By pairing navy leather, for the backpack’s body + straps, along with an iridescent foiled leather front panel, this kind of accessory could easily turn any plain look into something eye-catching. With a fold over […]

A Unique Way For Guys To Wear Shades

I know, I know, they’re not THOSE kind of shades. Yet, you must admit how cool this digital print of blinds, shades or shutters, looks so good. Looking exactly how the shadow of blinds would look on a wall, this geometric print is surely one that would prove to be timeless, mostly because of the classic silhouette […]

WANTED: Crystal Orb Ring Silver By Dreams Of Norway

Who wouldn’t want to wield this much power in one hand, when bearing Dreams Of Norway’s ‘Crystal Orb Ring’ in silver? From Dreams Of Norway’s DAWN collection,this US hand made in pure silver, with a stunning clear quartz crystal orb, is sure to be a conversation starter, no matter where you go! The DAWN collection is inspired by the […]