WANTED: ‘Rustic Organza Trousers’ By Juan Carlos Pajares

To see these bottoms just hanging there, you can’t help but relate them to sculpture. But when worn, they take on a sense of magic + majesty after you see what’s really going on underneath. Upon the wearer slipping into these ‘Rustic Organza Trousers’ by Juan Carlos Pajares, you get to see the different geometric shapes […]

Frida Kahlo’s Ordinary Side On Display

A longtime fan of the late Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, I am very familiar with all the pain she endured, beautifully demonstrated through bright colors + plenty of symbolism, in each of her paintings. But Japanese photographer Ishiuchi Miyako, has taken a different approach in showcasing Frida by creating a photography series out of Frida’s many […]

‘Conjoined Illusion’ Shoe Collection

There’s no denying that most women adore shoes.  Sure, some might collect them just for the label, but then there are those like me, who can look at a shoe as a piece of wearable sculpture.  Yet who am I kidding, some labels are to be coveted.  Inspired by mirroring, reflection + conjoined twins, the ‘Conjoined […]