WANTED: ‘Rustic Organza Trousers’ By Juan Carlos Pajares

To see these bottoms just hanging there, you can’t help but relate them to sculpture. But when worn, they take on a sense of magic + majesty after you see what’s really going on underneath. Upon the wearer slipping into these ‘Rustic Organza Trousers’ by Juan Carlos Pajares, you get to see the different geometric shapes […]

WANTED: Khaki Shearling Grace Bomber Jacket By Baartmans + Siegel

I’m a fan of any bomber jacket, especially one this special + so interesting. The ‘Khaki Shearling Grace Bomber Jacket‘ above, part of Baartmans + Siegel’s debut womenswear collection, draws its inspiration from Nordic winters + the colours of the Aurora Borealis, with its khaki bomber shell + its blue curly shearling fluffy collar + interior, peeking out […]

This Season, Create Memorable Narratives With Electric Feathers

There’s not a single piece from Electric Feathers SS/15 collection that you won’t fall in love with.  Definitely channeling the urban nomadic feel, the concept behind Leana Zuniga’s label is to capture contemporary timelessness + versatility. All the pieces in this collection definitely capture a contemporary timelessness + versatility with roomy silhouettes that still manage […]

Page Three Hundred’s Winter Collection Helps You Layer Your Fall Wardrobe With Ease

As the temperature starts to slowly creep down, layering will once again become an essential daily ritual to dressing for Fall then Winter.  Now, two people could be wearing the same exact five pieces but depending on how they’re layered, is what determines who truly has style or not.  For their Fall collection, Turin label Page Three […]

Favorite Looks: Proenza Schouler Spring 2014

(photos: Giovanni Giannini) It’s very evident how West Coast midcentury furniture designers + Arte Povera, the Sixties art movement, influenced Proenza Schouler’s spring collection.  Both entrenched in simplicity + nature, the pieces throughout the collection had simple lines + silhouettes mixed with metallic accents.  There were crop tops for spring in slight variations including metallic […]