WANTED: ‘Rustic Organza Trousers’ By Juan Carlos Pajares

To see these bottoms just hanging there, you can’t help but relate them to sculpture. But when worn, they take on a sense of magic + majesty after you see what’s really going on underneath. Upon the wearer slipping into these ‘Rustic Organza Trousers’ by Juan Carlos Pajares, you get to see the different geometric shapes […]

Define Your Future Emotions Through Arianna Cerrito

With the aim for women to feel ‘special’ + in their own skin in any occasion + on ‘that’ special occasion worth to be remembered, Arianna Cerrito’s designs are primarily inspired by memories.  Embracing a strong attraction to fluid movements, organic forms + 3D shapes, Cerrito then transplants these onto the woman’s body, as if she […]

3D Printing + Grid Patterns Create The Hard Copy Collection

3D printing continues to push the fashion envelope so it’s no surprise it could create such beautiful ruffled clothing influenced by distorted grid patterns.  One designer who took the reigns of such an idea is Israeli designer Noa Raviv with her ‘Hard Copy Collection’ shown here.  Printed + stitched lines + grids were applied onto […]

For Spring 2014, Ostwald Helgason Doesn’t Want You To Be Ignored

(photos: Todd Matarazzo) Designers Susanne Ostwald + Ingvar Helgason took to celebrating spring as the season of rebirth with punches of color, pattern, texture + whimsy.  For their Ostwald Helgason Spring 2014 collection, they created a floral pattern (row 1, pic 1) + one with balloon animals (row 1, pic 2), which at times were in a […]